A visibly emotional Rebekah Brooks has just delivered her first public comment since her acquittal in the hacking trial. Flanked by her husband Charlie, she thanked the jury for finding her innocent.

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Brooks, though, emphasised that she couldn’t say much more because of ‘future trials’. This was yet another reminder that there remain legal constraints on the discussion of this subject.

I suspect too that they’ll be a certain amount of relief in Downing Street that Brooks did not engage with the questions from the assembled press pack about whether or not she had heard from the Prime Minister. If Brooks does choose to return to Chipping Norton, Cameron will face a tricky decision over whether he can be seen with her socially. One Tory described this to me today as ‘the nightmare scenario’ for Cameron, whose brother remains good friends with Charlie Brooks. It is, though, thought more likely that Brooks will head to Australia or California to start a new chapter in her life. ​

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