That Theresa May is now making a last-ditch effort to revive the ‘Snooper’s Charter’ should come as no surprise to Coffee House readers: we reported in June 2013 that the Tories were mulling introducing something after the 2014 Budget as the Lib Dems would not be able to retaliate with a mansion tax or other such Lim Demmery.

May is unlikely to succeed in doing this, though, as the Lib Dems are quite clear that they won’t roll over on a new Communications Data Bill.

But the Home Secretary is clearly trying to make the case for some more legislation in the future – and perhaps she hopes that her party will take a strong position on this matter in any coalition negotiations in 2015. The pro-Snoopers’ case is certainly reinforced by the number of British citizens who have travelled to Syria and Iraq and who are likely to return. But there’s little indication that Nick Clegg would agree to anything substantial.

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