Was this year’s Queen Speech a waste of time? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Conservative MPs Zac Goldsmith and Chris Skidmore discuss the government’s plan for the next year with Fraser Nelson — in particular whether the recall for MPs is a stitch-up by Parliament. How will the public react when they find out the recall is a farce? James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman also examine the contents of the speech and what it says about the state of the coalition.

James Delingpole and Ukip’s Michael Heaver debate whether Ukip has a political soul. Are Ukip trying to shed their Thatcherite pronouncements and move to the left? Does it stand for anything apart than leaving the EU? Or have Ukip become the new Liberal Democrats, by picking up protest votes from different corners of the country?

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Plus, Freddy Gray discusses this week’s Spectator cover feature on the dire state of politics in France. Are we witnessing the end of the Fifth Republic? Does it bode badly for politicians like Ed Miliband, who hope to emulate Francis Hollande?

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