Summer’s coming, and we’re looking for interns at The Spectator. We’re looking for digitally-savvy lovers of good writing with fresh ideas to spend a week or two with us at 22 Old Queen St. The position will be paid (but not paid very much). We don’t mind where (or whether) you went to university; Frank Johnson was a superb editor of this magazine and he had no formal education to speak of. What matters is flair, imagination, and an ability to write and promote stories. It’s one of the many skills that you can’t really learn in any classroom.

So leave education off your CV – if you send one at all. A few paragraphs telling us about you, and detailing any relevant experience, will be fine. All that matters in journalism is whether you can do it. To enter, please just do some of the following:

  1. Produce a two minute video with either explaining a topic you’ve read about on the Spectator’s website.
  2. Prepare a sample 200-300 word blog offering something new on a topic of your choice for publishing on the Spectator’s Coffee House blog.
  3. Choose a magazine article, and work out the best way to promote it on the website, Twitter, Facebook and beyond.
  4. Suggest three ideas for potential stories.
  5. Suggest two ways in which we could improve how the Spectator’s articles are promoted digitally.

If you are interested, email with ‘INTERNSHIP’ in the subject field. Include a short pitch as to why you’d like to intern at the Spectator and the tasks above attached. Due to the volume of applications, we can’t promise to respond to every application if you are unsuccessful, but we’ll try.

We’re looking for people we may one day be able to hire, so please don’t apply if you have more than two years of full-time education ahead of you. We do run internships for school pupils, through the Social Mobility Foundation so those interested can apply through them. (I can recommend SMF to other employers: they send great, interested and talented kids and we’ve hired two of them so far.)

And one final thing: this isn’t a scam to get some underpaid envelope-stuffers. We take this seriously because this is how we recruit for entry-level jobs. My brilliant colleagues David Blackburn, Sebastian Payne, Alex Massie and Camilla Swift all first came through these doors on work experience. (We do offer training on the job, and a remedial course for PPE graduates.)

The Spectator’s formula is to hire a very small number of very good people, then leave them make sparks fly. We don’t have any entry-level vacancies right now, but when we do, we tend to look back over our interns and invite the best ones back.

Deadline: 8 July 2014

Tags: Internship, Journalism