The European Council has nominated Jean-Claude Juncker to be the next president of the European Commission despite David Cameron’s staunch opposition. In the vote that Cameron forced on the appointment, he was defeated 26-2 with only the Hungarians joining the British in opposing the former Luxembourg PM.

Junkcer’s appointment casts fresh doubt on whether Cameron will be able to renegotiate a new EU deal for Britain and whether this country will stay in the EU. In the coming weeks, we will have to watch and see whether other EU leaders try and come up with some kind of compensation package for Britain.

When Cameron first came out in opposition to Juncker, he was pretty confident of success. He believed—with some reason—that Angela Merkel, and other powerful EU leaders, were going to join him in opposing Juncker and preserving the right of the European Council to nominate the president of the European Commission. Merkel, though, changed her mind under domestic media and political pressure—much to Downing Street’s annoyance. Cameron now finds himself having to deal with a Commission President who he has opposed in the most direct terms.

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