Ukip have come top of the polls for the UK in the EU elections. Now which of the two following scenarios might we most likely expect from the other parties?

Might the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, along with their amazingly loyal chorus-line in the British media, wake up sincerely believing that a ‘racist’ political party is now the biggest UK party in the EU? Do you think they will escalate a war against that party and the public who voted for them, such as would only be appropriate from anyone who actually believed that this country was now dominated and — in Brussels at least — led by ‘racists’.

Or is it possible that in the coming days Conservative and Labour leaders (and Lib Dem ones — if anyone can find any) will have to talk about some of the concerns Ukip has legitimately raised? Might they begin to talk about trying to fix our immigration problems and other issues that seem so insurmountable as long as we are members of an unreformed EU? And if this is the case might we, the British public, come to the conclusion that these parties and their loyal hacks never did actually believe that Ukip were ‘racist’, but merely kept saying so in the dishonest and vain hope that they would succeed in scaring the British people from what turn out to be mainstream and popular concerns?

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