Because, well, just look at them. These Young Spodes are not quite the Master Race are they? And this is the problem with extremism: it cannot avoid being ridiculous.

I know there is never room for complacency but it’s hard to feel threatened by these Pythonesque boobies.

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Nor is the absurdity limited to the white right. The problem for Muslim extremists in Britain is they swank around the place in their kaftans claiming to be voice of the people (or “their” people) unaware that the people (including “their” people) neither recognise them nor want anything to do with them.

In time, thanks to the good sense and humour of the British people, they will fail too. The fire will be contained, then it will fizzle out. Because, in the end, the public – all sections of it – can recognise perfect perishers when they see them. Ridicule, you see, is poisonous and exposure kills extremism.

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