Shocking revelations in the Times about St Paul’s and Colet Court, the schools that George Osborne attended (along with me).

Someone called Adam Barnard has exposed the terrible goings-on behind the façade of educational excellence in leafy Barnes. Perhaps his most serious allegation is that, after sport, boys were made to shower naked, and there was some sick freak of an adult lurking in the changing room, ostensibly checking that this happened, but in reality perhaps harbouring dark, dark thoughts. Also, Barnard reveals that some of his teachers were a bit scary, and that he sometimes felt a bit uneasy – these were the sort of teachers who probably would have caned boys a lot, had there been corporal punishment. And I will not speak of the sexual abuse that Barnard suffered, because there wasn’t any.

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The article’s headline says it all: ‘Colet Court: “It was a world where dark deeds might have gone unchecked”’. ‘Might have’? Yes, and the headmaster might have been a mass murderer. It’s a funny thing for a serious newspaper to print.

Why not just say: ‘I feel guilty about my privileged education’, instead of trying to besmirch the reputation of a pretty great institution?

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