David Cameron’s trip to fast food chain Nando’s last night has caused a stir, with countless ‘selfies’ of the peri-peri PM appearing online before anyone could even whisper ‘cynical PR stunt’.

He’s not the only politician who’s a fan of the Portuguese chicken chain. It’s practically a second office for the Tory party chairman, who conducts meetings and lunches in its Victoria branch. Grant Shapps tells Mr S that he ‘will be jealous if the PM gets a Black Card’. The loyalty card is given to famous customers allowing them to eat for free. Though it seems Shapps’ loyalty is split:

Grant Shapps pictured lovin' it.

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Culture Minister Ed Vaizey loves McDonalds so much he even makes his own:


Of course, it’s not just Tories who are ‘Lovin’ it’. Nick Clegg is a Maccy D’s man according to his LBC phone in. Keeping a rare united front with Vince Cable:


But no such down market action for the Labour leader. Ed is regularly spotted in posho chain the Fine Burger Company:

milifineburger At over £8 for a burger, there’s no cost of living crisis for him.

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