Has Ukip been a good thing for British politics? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, political commentators Peter Oborne and Matthew Parris debate the topic of this week’s Spectator cover feature. Has Nigel Farage reinvigorated democracy in this country? Can Ukip still be described as a ‘Tory sickness’, a ‘protest party’ or something entirely different? Can the rise of Farage be attributed to the other parties not discussing issues like immigration? And do Peter and Matthew both intend to vote Conservative today?

Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth also discuss what will happen in today’s local and European elections. Will Ukip’s momentum of the last few weeks push them into first place? What does it mean for Ed Miliband and David Cameron if Farage beats them? Will the Lib Dems be entirely wiped out of the European Parliament? And how was Ukip received on the campaign trail?

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Plus, Harry Cole and Camilla Swift debate the return of the cad. What defines a cad, and is being one a good or bad thing? Can women be cads and should we be celebrating their return?

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Tags: 2014 European Elections, Cad, Conservatives, Nigel Farage, UKIP