How can David Cameron appeal to his own natural supporters in Ukip? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Douglas Murray and Mats Persson from the Open Europe think tank discuss this week’s Spectator cover feature and whether it is too late for the Prime Minister to win back the Ukippers. How does the triumph of Ukip compare to the other populist parties in Europe? What kind of response can be expected from the European Union? And will other countries push for changes in the EU’s open borders policy?

James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman also discuss the aftermath of the European elections in Westminster. Was it predictable that the Lib Dems would collapse following their disastrous results last Thursday? Will Nick Clegg survive as leader until the general election? What role has Lord Oakeshott played in stirring up tensions? And will the Euro results affect the Newark by-election?

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Plus, Freddy Gray and Alex Massie discuss Alex Salmond’s secret weapon in the Scottish independence referendum — the England football team. Will Roy Hodgson save England from itself? Or would an England victory produce an unbearable tide of nationalism that would turn Scotland away?

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