Nigel Farage is feeling the heat after saying that the electricity bill for his 620 square foot office is over £3,000. According to Consumer Futures, the average household dual-fuel energy bill is £1,200 and that is for an average 1,042 square feet home, so one can see why he’s under pressure. Farage went on to say that he runs lots of ‘machines’ in his tiny office.

Henry de Zoete, the bright spark former special adviser to Michael Gove turned co-founder of energy campaigning group The Big Deal, points out an open goal to Mr S:

‘Like millions of Britons, Nigel Farage is being ripped off by the Big Six energy companies. But it’s ok for him because the EU and British taxpayer are picking up the bill. If Nigel really believes in cutting EU waste he should join the 10,000 who have already signed up to The Big Deal on energy. We will demand the best possible deal from energy companies as they bid for the right to supply thousands of homes across Britain and one shed in Bognor Regis.’

No one tell Ed Miliband for heaven’s sake; he’s only just stopped banging on about his energy price freeze.

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