First it was a jellyfish that blighted the Prime Minister’s Easter break in Lanzarote. Now, according to Trip Advisor, fellow guests at the discreet Casa Tomaren might have had more than the PM’s  swarming security detail and travelling aides to worry about. One happy punter writes:

‘We just spent a holiday at Casa Tomaren and I wish I had not. After our first night we complained of ants in our beds and in hindsight we should have left straight away but did not want to spoil our holiday. As the holiday progressed our girls got bitten to death by bed bugs and I have picked up some other bug related rash which I have yet to diagnose. I thought they were mosquitos at the time but took the girls to the doctor on my return and was told they were bed bugs., URGHH’

Another adds:

‘Bit shabby and dirty. Stayed in a big house which was very dusty and a little one where we were bitten to buggery my (sic) mozzies and the rubbish was never collected. Frankly we baled out before we were due to leave and never saw the money for the remaining night. Poor show all round.’

Mr S will be keeping an eye out for any reviews from Dave and Sam from W11.

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