Should we leave Ukraine to the Russians? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Matthew Parris debates Anne Applebaum on whether the crisis should concern Britain and whether Vladimir Putin has valid reasons to intervening in Crimea. Would Putin have acted differently if Ukraine had NATO membership? What should America do now? And will the West’s behaviour so far embolden other dictators?

John O’Sullivan also discusses his Spectator cover feature this week on why we shouldn’t be afraid of Putin. With a lack of actions from the West, is it game, set and match to Putin? Why is he perceived to be so strong? Is John Kerry a dying breed of Americans who really care about Europe?

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Plus, James Forysth and Isabel Hardman discuss how the Ukrainian crisis is playing out in Westminster. Why is David Cameron appearing less hawkish over this situation? Is there a cross-party consensus on how to deal with Russia? Is Germany speaking for Britain through the EU?

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