Ed Miliband started strongly at PMQs today. He seized on Scottish and Southern’s announcement that they’ll freeze energy prices as a justification of his most popular policy, the energy price freeze. He mockingly asked Cameron if he still thought the idea was unworkable and a Communist plot.

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But Cameron was determined not to lose the momentum that the Budget has given the Tories and just bulldozed past Miliband’s questions. Then, when Miliband moved onto the cost of living, Cameron seized the chance to rattle off a list of the coalition’s most popular policies. At the end of their exchanges, Cameron had matched—if not bettered—Miliband on what are meant to be Labour’s two strongest areas.

Unlike most other weeks, Cameron did not ease up after his exchanges with the Labour leader. He got the best joke of the session off in reply to a Stephen Pound question about that beer and bingo ad, cracking that Miliband enjoys bingo as ‘it’s the only time he ever gets close to Number 10′.

The news of the session, though, came towards the end when Cameron said that because of Lib Dem opposition there would not be changes to the rules surrounding fox hunting in upland areas. Sadly, it appears that the fox hunting ban—one of the most illiberal pieces of legislation in recent times—will not be repealed any time soon. ​

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