With David Cameron in Israel today, it was the deputies’ turn at PMQs. These Clegg/Harman sessions are, by now, thoroughly predictable. Harman attacks the Lib Dems as the Tories’ accomplices while Clegg gets stuck into some spirited Labour-bashing.

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Today was no different. Interestingly, though, Clegg chose to attack Labour from the left—mocking it as the party of the 40p top tax rate, of Fred Goodwin and sweetheart deals with private health companies.

There, frankly, was not much else to report from the session. But it was a reminder that Labour still loathes Clegg, there’s a contempt in the heckling of him that Labour doesn’t even manage for Cameron. For his part, Clegg visibly enjoys laying into Labour. At one point, he demanded that they ‘apologise for what the Labour party did to this country.’

On a day when Labour and Liberal Democrat policy on Europe converged, PMQs was a reminder that the personalities involved make it very hard to imagine the two parties doing a deal. ​

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