Six questions from Ed Miliband on Ukraine resulted in a calmer, more discursive PMQs than normal. Though I suspect that the headlines will be grabbed by Samantha Cameron’s presence in the chamber.

In response to Miliband’s questions, Cameron indicated that he expected to boycott the G8 meeting in Russia saying that it was ‘hard to see how a G8 meeting could take place in these circumstances.’ Miliband tried to move Cameron towards a tougher line on travel restrictions on the Russian elite, but Cameron side-stepped the question.

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The other piece of news from the session seemed to be an indication from Cameron that there might be a vote on hunting before the end of this session.

As for Samantha Cameron, she was watching with a friend, who from your correspondent’s perch in the press gallery, looked like Venetia Butterfield who is married to Chris Lockwood of the Number 10 Policy Unit. ​

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