The Today programme’s early morning audience were roused by a very excited reporter chasing Bono at the Oscars this morning. ‘Bono! BONO!’ he shouted, before the Great Man himself strolled over to offer Radio 4 listeners some, er, unique wisdom.

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Some thought this incident sounded a little bit like the well-spoken chap chasing his naughty dog Fenton in Richmond Park. But Mr Steerpike has lurked for so long in the Westminster bubble that he sees everything through the merciless prism of politics. And so he was reminded of George Osborne’s most recent brush with Bono (no, not that one).


The Chancellor popped down a mine shaft in Nottinghamshire in December, and was shown around by a man who bore a striking resemblance to Bono. Mr Steerpike hears that this amused the Chancellor’s team so much that when they met up for lunch with Bono at Davos, they showed him the above photo to get his reaction. Apparently Bono was rather unnerved.

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