What is intersectionality and why is it ruining feminism? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Julie Burchill and Paris Lees debate the current state of feminism and whether intersectionality has been damaging to the left. How are the feminists of today different from those in the past? What does the treatment of Julie Bindel show about feminism infighting? And is there any chance of returning to a more traditional strand of socialism?

Mary Wakefield and Freddy Gray also discuss Vladimir Putin’s new plan for world domination. What do the Sochi Winter Olympics tell us about Russia’s hard and soft power in the world today? Why are social conservatives looking to Putin as a voice against the tide of social liberalism from the west?

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Plus James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss David Cameron’s relationship with Angela Merkel and the importance of her visit to London next week. Why she receiving the full red carpet treatment? And what will her visit mean for the Prime Minister’s efforts to renegotiate our relationship with the European Union?

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