Is David Cameron’s new gameplan to look to the northern states for allies? Fraser Nelson is joined on the podcast by Stephen Booth of Open Europe, to discuss the influence that people such as the Dutch PM Mark Rutte – who has a clear and impressive reform plan – and Angela Merkel are having on our PM. Could Cameron really be serious about making Britain an honorary member of Scandinavia? And could this strategy really be enough to pull him through the next election?

Ed West and Andrew Brown of The Guardian also discuss the church’s left-wing bias. Ed has written frequently about this issue in the Catholic church. But is this, in fact, an ecumenical matter? And if so, why is this? The C of E is still thought of as being typically Conservative by many – particularly in terms of its congregation. So what – if anything – has changed?

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Plus James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman talk about the changing shape of Britan’s political spectrum. We used to be very much a two-party nation; now, however, it’s more like a four-party one. So what does this mean for the next election? Is another coalition unavoidable – and if it is avoidable, then how?

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