Despite the unionists’ polling lead, is the future of the United Kingdom in peril? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Alex Massie and Matthew Parris discuss why Alex Salmond is still on course to have his way in the upcoming Scottish independence referendum. Why would a no vote in September not be the final answer? Are the unionist parties ready for a ‘nerverendum’ if they win in September? And which side should listeners put a bet on?

Marcus Roberts and James Forsyth also discuss whether Labour and Ed Miliband are up to winning the next general election. Although the Labour leader has plans for the country, is he able to tackle his party’s internal issues? Are there too many hands trying to create an election strategy? And will chief strategist Douglas Alexander be their saving grace?

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Plus Fraser Nelson looks back at David Cameron’s failure to have a proper quango bonfire, how this week’s row over who runs quangos has dominated the news and why the Environment Agency should be scrapped.

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