Today was not a good PMQs for David Cameron. Ed Miliband went on the issue of whether the Tory party has a ‘problem with women’ and was handed a huge helping hand by the fact that the front bench was all male. It made Miliband’s point for him. It was also sloppy planning by the Tories given that Harriet Harman had used this line of attack on Michael Gove on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.

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But this doesn’t explain why Cameron was quite so off in response. He did mention that the Tories had had a female leader while Labour had not. But he didn’t make enough of this point. He also seemed oddly listless in answering the question.

Now, there’ll be Tories who point out that Miliband going on floods and women shows he’s not confident asking about the economy. There’s truth to this. But the Tories do need to knock on the head this idea that they have a problem with women.

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