Nigel Farage isn’t afraid ‘to court controversy’ over the issue of women’s pay. Speaking on the issue of equal pay, he described how a pay gap exists because women who have children are ‘worth less’ to their employer than men. This may well be true; it’s a high-octane industry, and anyone who flakes out – man or woman – is clearly worth less than someone who slogs away for years. But then Farage goes onto say the following:

‘I do not believe there is any discrimination against women at all… And young, able women who are prepared to sacrifice the family life and stick to their career will do as well or better than men.’

Farage appears to think that ‘young, able women’ aren’t saddled with a sign around their neck that reads ‘May have baby one day’, which is deluded. Young, able women have to contend with this question every day. But there is no way for them to answer it. There is no way of telling whether a woman will decide to have children – it’s a private matter and should never have to be disclosed. This unanswerable question contributes, in its own small way, to the gender pay gap.

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