It turns out that Alex Salmond needn’t worry too much about the re-emergence of that pesky row about advice on an independent Scotland’s membership of the European Union. He’s got arguments that are far more powerful than all that to convince Scots of the value of independence. In the latest issue of Idea, a magazine produced by the Evangelical Alliance, two Christian MSPs set out their arguments in favour of and against independence. Both accept that there isn’t one Christian position on the subject, but the SNP MSP for Glasgow Shettleston John Mason does suggest that the Bible might have some wisdom on the matter – and it’s from as far back as the book of Genesis.

He writes:

‘But does the Bible have nothing to say on all this? I would maintain there is no one Christian line to take on Scottish independence. However, there is a principle from the time of the Tower of Babel that God split the peoples up as too much centralisation was potentially a dangerous thing. So it could be argued that we should be wary of larger national units and supportive of smaller ones.’

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Hopefully Salmond will whack a few Babels on ‘Yes’ posters over the next few months, just to warn the Scots that God isn’t a big fan of centralisation, either.

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