Another day, another selfie crime. This time, it’s our Prime Minister, who is currently in China, where he is leading the British trade delegation. He tweeted this picture of himself with entrepreneur Jack Ma and hashtagged the word ‘selfie’:

Dave has made the classic selfie mistake though: he’s looking at the screen, rather than at the camera (unlike Ma, who is clearly well versed in taking photos on his phone). Unfortunately, Dave can’t even claim he’s a novice. He’s taken selfies before, like the one above from the Olympics.

Other politicians are getting down with the kids too. Last week Nick Clegg took his very first selfie with Nick Ferrari while speaking on LBC 97.3.

(Photo: Nick Clegg/Twitter)

(Photo: Nick Clegg/Twitter)

Let’s just hope no one tells Westminster about the latest trend: the ‘belfie’.

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