It’s been a busy first few days in the new job for Jane Ellison, who took over as Public Health Minister this week. She’s been dealing with big bottoms – those belonging to builders and hanging over trousers, no less.

A cheeky press release from the Department of Health – which features a man with the title ‘Britain’s favourite builder’, Tommy Walsh – this afternoon announced ‘Britain’s beefy builders say bye bye to baring bottoms’, adding that ‘the image of the bottom baring, overweight builder is being replaced by workers who are hands-on well-oiled machines’.

Once you get to the, er, bottom, of what on earth the department is talking about, you find that this is simply a new pledge to help construction workers become more healthy, not some sort of ban on big bottoms. If you’re a builder with a pert backside, it seems Jane Ellison is very happy for you to go on as you are.

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