Today has not been a good day for multinational organisations. Both the European Union and the United Nations have made fools of themselves. José Manuel Barroso’s claim that a European renegotiation would lead to another war on the continent revealed the warped mindset of the Eurocrat class. Indeed, if we’re talking about what’s likely to cause extremism to rise in Europe, austerity imposed on countries from the outside seems a more likely bet than powers flowing back to democratically elected national governments.

The United Nations’ embarrassment came from the absurd claim of its official Raquel Rolnik that the so-called bedroom tax, which isn’t actually a tax, infringed ‘human rights’. Now, there are 193 members of the UN and, I suspect, that even the most ardent critics of the coalition would have to concede that Britain is not in the problem half when it comes to social housing.

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