From his base in New York, Rupert Murdoch knows where to get the best analysis of British politics: The Spectator. He has just Tweeted that David Cameron is in trouble, after reading James Forsyth’s brilliant political column. It’s easy to see why he was so struck. As so often, James’ tells you more about what’s really going on in SW1 than most newspapers put together. As you’d expect from the single best-informed journalist in Westminster. And he’s right, even by James’ standards, this week’s column is outstanding. Read the full thing here.

Of course, Rupe is not the only New York-based journalist who has worked out how to get the best dope about what’s happening in Britain. A few months ago the New York Times columnist, Ross Douthat, proposed the following new year resolution for his readers.

‘The would-be cosmopolitan who currently gets a dose of British-accented sophistication from The Economist — a magazine whose editorial line varies only a little from the Manhattan-and-D.C. conventional wisdom — might do well to read the London Review of Books and The Spectator instead’

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We’d reciprocate by recommending Douthat’s superb Bad Religion, easily the best book on the subject that I’ve read for years. Now, I’ll leave CoffeeHousers with a question: what is strange about the below Tweet?

That’s right: the date. Subscribers have full digital access to The Spectator – and James’ political column – from 4am on Thursday morning. If you want to know the latest days before Rupert Murdoch, join us now from just £1 per week by clicking here.

Life is just too short not to read The Spectator.

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