The Spectator hosted a packed-out debate last night on the motion — ‘George Osborne isn’t working: we need a Plan B’ — and you can now hear the outcome for yourself. As Isabel reported earlier, it was an evening of intense discussion and disagreement, so we have recorded the entire evening for you to listen at your leisure. The event lasted nearly two hours, so here are the timings for the individual speakers:

  • 03:12 – Alistair Darling (for)
  • 10:25 – Jesse Norman (against)
  • 19:04 – Matthew Oakeshott (for)
  • 27:42 – Fraser Nelson (against)
  • 36:10 – David Blanchflower (for)
  • 47:13 – Norman Lamont (against)
  • 54:30 – Question and answers with Andrew Neil
  • 1:39:08 - Final remarks

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The View from 22 – Battle of the Chancellors special. Length 1:49:49
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Listen now:

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