Speaking to John Pieenar on  Five Live, Boris Johnson said he wished to deal with the leadership speculation, shoot it down with “six inch guns”. He did so by repeatedly refusing to say that David Cameron is doing a better job than he would have done. He was behind Cameron “from the very beginning,” he said – perhaps so, but not the question he was asked. And the fun began:-

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In fact, he said, there is an upside that everyone was talking about his destabilising David Cameron. It is “entirely natural” that “there should be a narrative” because it kept the focus on the Tories and off Ed Miliband. (Labour made the same argument about Blair vs Brown tension).

Boris closed by saying the leadership speculation is a “distraction” – but one he’s quite happy with. “I’m going to be supporting David Cameron,” he said. And the fact that he has to say that, of course, speaks volumes.

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