Fred Michel’s testimony this morning at the Leveson Inquiry was
embarrassing but not devastating. The texts between him and Jeremy Hunt are cringe-worthy but my read is that the Culture Secretary is not in a weaker position than he was this morning. More
important for Hunt’s survival prospect is the appearance of his former spad Adam Smith this afternoon. The question is, did Hunt not know of the extent of contact between Smith and Michel?

Everything going on at Leveson, though, is a sideshow compared to the economic news and the storm brewing on the continent. On that note, it does seem odd that Nick Clegg is suggesting that the
seventy percent of German voters who would like Greece to leave the euro are irrational.

Clegg’s use of the phrase reveals more about himself than those who now, generally reluctant, advocate break-up. As Charles Moore notes in the magazine this week, the pro-Europeans have never
really engaged in argument about the Euro project but have simply convinced themselves that its opponents are irrational.

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