This morning’s front pages are simply awful for the government:
every single one is critical of Downing Street. But this morning everyone in Westminster is again talking about Labour and the pressure on Ed Miliband. The Bradford West by-election has, at least
for the moment, changed the subject away from pasties and petrol.

Bradford West was a sensational result. Galloway, the former Labour MP, increased the Respect vote by more than 17,000 votes. For Labour to lose a by-election now is a major blow. They seemed to
have had no answer to Galloway’s demagogic, sectional campaign. It will be little consolation to them that the Tory vote also collapsed, their share of the vote dropping by more than twenty

One consequence of Bradford West is that the London mayoral election becomes even more important for Ed Miliband. He desperately needs a victory there to show that Labour is recovering electorally.

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