When Rupert Murdoch visited the Sun newsroom recently, eyebrows were raised by the fact
that he was accompanied not by James Murdoch but Lachlan Murdoch. James Murdoch, who has never had his father’s emotional commitment to the newspaper side of the business, has now stepped
down as executive chairman of News International, though he remains as deputy COO of News Corporation.
James Murdoch has not come out well of the various investigations into hacking. He has appeared to have been oddly uninterested in developments at the company. His performances in front of
parliamentary select committees have left several questions unanswered. James Murdoch, though, will now have left News International before the Culture, Media and Sport select committee
Robert Peston, who has good sources inside News International, reports that James Murdoch’s departure is also a signal that Rupert
Murdoch intends to take a far more hands on role with his UK tabloids.

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