Today’s PMQs was a reminder that whenever Ed Miliband goes on the NHS he is guaranteed a result. Indeed, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Miliband enjoying himself as much in the
chamber as he was today.

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When Andrew Lansley leaned over to try and tell Cameron the answer to a question, Miliband mockingly remarked ‘Let me say to the Health Secretary, I don’t think the PM wants advice from
you’. As Cameron’s assaults became more direct, Miliband did not — as he often does — go into his shell. As he sat down at the end of it all, the Labour leader had to
push down on his knee to disguise the adrenalin shakes he was having.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the exchanges was Cameron’s explicit defence of competition in the NHS. It was good to hear and a sign that he’s not about to water the bill
down further in the face of threats from Lib Dem peers or activists.

Bercow again decided to extend PMQs. He called the last three questions at 12.34, 12.35 and 12.36 respectively. By the end, the Treasury bench was ostentatiously looking up at the clock

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