Did we need to replace Chris Huhne at all? Nigel Lawson, a former editor of The
Spectator (amongst other things), has an intriguing idea in a letter to today’s FT: just break up the
Department for Energy and Climate Change. It has done nothing to encourage the development of shale gas, which — as we argue in a leader in tomorrow’s Spectator — could keep
Britain in energy for the next 100 years without the need to build another windmill. Lord Lawson, a former energy secretary, says that Ed Davey:

‘…has the opportunity to enter the history books as the only minister to use his position to abolish it for the wider public good. The yoking together of energy and climate change has
given this country the worst energy policy for a generation – bad for the economy, bad for industry, bad for the taxpayer and bad for the consumer. The time has come to put responsibility
for climate change policy back into the environment department, where it properly belongs, and to put energy policy into the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills from where Mr Davey has
just emerged.’

 Cameron believes in cutting the size of government. This could be a perfect place to start.

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