Neither David Cameron nor Nick Clegg is a fan of Chris Huhne. The Prime Minister would,
by all accounts, shed few tears if Huhne had to step down.
But I suspect that the deputy Prime Minister will be hoping that tomorrow does not bring any adverse developments for the Energy and Climate Change Secretary. If there were to be charges, Clegg
would be placed in a very difficult position. He would, despite his efforts to hide behind the Cabinet Secretary, have to decide whether
the man he narrowly beat to the Lib Dem leadership could stay in post. This would be a lose-lose situation for Clegg for obvious reasons.
Now, it should be stressed that Huhne denies any wrongdoing. Also beware of anyone making any confident predictions about what will happen tomorrow morning. This is one of those moment where both
politicians and the press don’t know what is about to be announced.

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