Today’s PMQs was rather a bland affair. Ed Miliband started with three questions on train fares that David Cameron batted away, but there is a little row brewing over whether Cameron’s claim that
he is simply continuing the policy of the last government is correct. Later, Miliband moved onto the safe territory of the Union and consensus broke out with only the half dozen SNP MPs dissenting
from it.

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Angus Robertson, the SNP’s Westminster leader, then asked the PM a question that, in a preview of the SNP’s campaign tactics, was designed purely to get the words Cameron, Thatcher and Scotland
into the same sentence.

There were two other things worth noting from the session. Bercow made sure to call every MP who received an honour in the recent list which meant that the session again over-ran, to the visible
irritation of some on the front bench. Also the Tory attempt to use PMQs to deal with the government’s troubles with women is continuing into 2012. Today, there were questions from Sarah Newton
about nursing and Helen Grant about forced marriage with Cameron declaring that he takes ‘a personal interest in the issue’.

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