Chris Huhne attacked David Cameron "">for the EU veto in Cabinet back in December. At the time, one Cabinet minister told me that part of
Huhne’s critique was that Cameron had scuppered the chances of a Liberal Democrat MEP, Sharon Bowles, being reelected as chair of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs
Committee, which deals with financial services.
But Bowles has been reelected. In a Lib Dem press release welcoming this, Nick Clegg declares that:

‘As party leader, I am proud that we have a leading Liberal Democrat in such a prominent and powerful position on the international scene. As UK Deputy Prime Minister, I am delighted
and relieved to know that the EU financial services brief is in such expert hands.’

Bowles’s victory is a reminder of how many of the doomsters predictions about what would happen to Britain after the veto have not turned out to be true. The sky has not fallen

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