After all the hoo-haa about Lord Ashcroft’s tax status, it’s only fair to mention this
passage from his interview with the

"He explains that new laws brought in under the Coalition mean that all members of the Lords will have to be fully taxed. Yes, I reply, but when does he plan to come onshore? ‘I already

Really? There has been no public announcement. So he is now paying all of his taxes, including everything that comes from his businesses around the world?

‘Yes. So I say to people don’t go moaning on about it because it is no longer an issue. The point is moot… Can we move on?’ We move on."

Almost as eye-catching, though, is Ashcroft’s claim that he has "no plans" to resign as deputy Conservative party chairman, as he has suggested he might – even though, as
you sense from the interview, he seems to be far more distant from the Tory operation now.

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