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This Halloween, say no to American pumpkins and yes to British turnips

31 October 2014 18:42

Possibly you’ve missed this. However, for the last three years or thereabouts, I have been conducting a low-key campaign for the revival of the turnip lantern. And this year, for… Continue reading


Fiona Woolf resigns as chair of child abuse inquiry

31 October 2014 16:50
Fiona Woolf. Image: Getty

4.50pm – It is difficult to see how Fiona Woolf can stay on as chair of the child abuse inquiry. Labour has decided to call for her resignation, with Yvette… Continue reading


Liberate women…from the rotten dictatorial group-think of ‘feminism’

31 October 2014 16:33
An 1867 cartoon from the magazine 'Punch' depicting John Stuart Mill advocating female suffrage (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty)

Good on David Cameron for refusing to wear that hideous T-shirt. Feminists these days spend an awful lot of time telling people what to think and what to wear. It’s… Continue reading


Labour wins South Yorkshire PCC by-election

31 October 2014 13:40
Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Labour has won the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner by-election with 50 per cent of the vote, which is a tremendous relief for the party given the circumstances in… Continue reading


‘Community leader’, ‘call out’, ‘dreamer: The worst words and phrases in the English language

31 October 2014 12:54
(Image: Hulton Archive)

In this week’s magazine Rod Liddle has a piece on the worst ‘clichés, lies, evasions, obfuscations, PC euphemisms and disingenuous balls words and phrases which, in recent years, have annoyed… Continue reading


Isis are dogs; pet the dogs, kill the terrorists

31 October 2014 12:38
A dog named Moily with US Marines in Afghanistan's Helmand province in February 2011 (Photo: Dmitry Kostyukova, AFP/Getty)

Malaysian pharmacist Syed Azmi has emerged from hiding to apologise for organising ‘I Want to Touch a Dog’ earlier in October, a canine-petting event that drew a few hundred mostly… Continue reading


If David Cameron doesn’t take immigration seriously, he’ll lose the election

31 October 2014 12:21
Prime Minister David Cameron Tries To Take A Harder Line with Europe

Coffee House readers may remember a classic John Cleese comedy film almost thirty years ago called Clockwise. It’s the story of middle class angst, frustration, desperation and ultimate triumph at… Continue reading


Tories on away day put away hopes of winning Rochester

31 October 2014 9:45
Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps Visits Rochester

Tory MPs are in Oxfordshire today for an ‘away day’. It’s supposed to focus on the autumn statement, but Tory MPs also want to make a few points about the… Continue reading


Jim Murphy – is Scottish Labour dyeing?

30 October 2014 17:27
Murphy in government (left) and now (right) (Photos: UK Government, BBC)

While watching Scottish Labour leader frontrunner Jim Murphy launch his campaign today, you might be forgiven for thinking the teetotaller has been hitting the bottle. The bottle of hair dye,… Continue reading


Good Samaritans or sinister surveillance? The app that tries to stop suicide

30 October 2014 17:01

According to an email I received earlier this afternoon, I should be worried about the mental state of someone I know. An alert popped up in my inbox from an… Continue reading


Scottish Labour is in crisis; is Jim Murphy the solution?

30 October 2014 16:01
A sign language interpreter signs as the former Scottish labour party leader speaks in September 2014. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

I suspect that the Scottish Labour gala dinner in Glasgow tonight won’t feel like much of a gala. The Scottish Labour party is in crisis: its leader has quit attacking… Continue reading


Boom! Bombshell poll annihilates Labour in Scotland

30 October 2014 15:54
Mushroom Cloud

Grotesque. Unbelievable. Bizarre. Unprecedented. Today’s Ipsos-Mori opinion poll is the most astonishing survey of Scottish political opinion in living memory. Perhaps, even, the most remarkable survey of all time. It is, of course,… Continue reading


Meltdown! Shock poll puts Scottish Labour on 4 MPs and the SNP on 54

30 October 2014 14:23
Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Speaks at Scottish Labour Conference

Just to make Scottish Labour’s misery complete – and underline the case for a bold leader who likes winning things – STV have published a poll by Ipsos Mori putting… Continue reading


How do you solve a problem like the NHS? The Spectator asks the experts

30 October 2014 12:14
Nurses of Whipps Cross Hospital, in London, singing Christmas carols to a patient in December 1952 (Photo: Monty Fresco/Getty Images)

So ingrained is the NHS as part of British life that it’s hard to imagine it disappearing. But it can’t go on as it is: its budget is being squeezed… Continue reading


The US won’t beat Isis alone; Qatar and other Gulf allies must help in Iraq

30 October 2014 11:07
From left: US General John Allen, Kuwaiti foreign ministry under secretary Khaled al-Jarallah and Qatari foreign minister assistant Mohamed bin Abdullah al-Rumaihi, in Kuwait City on October 27, 2014 (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Revelations keep pouring in about the uneasy relationship between Western aid givers and ISIS operators: from bribes given by humanitarian convoys to secure access in war-torn Syria, to food and… Continue reading


Podcast: Ruby Wax and Andy Puddicombe on mindfulness, plus Jim Murphy and Movember

30 October 2014 9:59

The chances are that by now either you or someone you know well has begun to practise ‘mindfulness’ — a form of Buddhism lite, that focuses on meditation and ‘being… Continue reading

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How to conjure up a £3,800 tax cut

30 October 2014 8:06

It’s great to read David Cameron’s article in The Times today making the moral case for tax cuts. It’s tough for him to do so, given that his Chancellor has… Continue reading


Jim Murphy has what Scottish Labour needs: energy, fearlessness and the ability to win

29 October 2014 22:01
(Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

There should, by rights, have been a stampede of candidates to replace Johann Lamont as the leader of the Scottish Labour party. With the new powers promised to Holyrood, the… Continue reading


Jim Murphy to stand for Scottish Labour leader

29 October 2014 21:59
Ed Miliband, Douglas Alexander and Jim Murphy (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

As expected, Jim Murphy has announced he’s standing for Scottish Labour Leader. He’s given an interview to the Daily Record in which he says he wants to stop ‘the Scottish… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: Buck passing and wasted billions

29 October 2014 17:45
Angry shouty politicians — the hallmarks of Prime Minister's Questions.

The hypocrisy was breath-taking. The opportunism was scandalous. The lack of principle was extraordinary. All the same, it wasn’t a bad move. Ed Miliband used PMQs to attack the Tories… Continue reading


European Arrest Warrant rebellion shrinks after Cameron pledges pre-Rochester vote

29 October 2014 16:53
David Cameron in Downing Street today. Picture: Getty

Why did David Cameron set the vote for the European Arrest Warrant for before the Rochester and Strood by-election? It seems to be a way of picking a right-wing sore… Continue reading


PMQs: Immigration arguments mean Ukip won the session without asking a question

29 October 2014 13:00

Ed Miliband chose one of his medleys of things that have gone wrong for today’s Prime Minister’s Questions. There were plenty of those to choose from, and the Labour leader… Continue reading


Paul Dacre: Watch out, BBC. The political class may come for you next

29 October 2014 12:46
(Photo: Getty)

The below is an edited version of a speech given yesterday by Paul Dacre to the NewstrAid Benevolent Fund, a charity for those who sell and distribute newspapers and magazines. Newspapers… Continue reading


Exclusive: Gove letter telling Tories how ‘Lib Dems have killed’ EU Referendum Bill

29 October 2014 10:18

Privately, the Conservatives are probably not particularly surprised about the demise of Bob Neill’s EU referendum bill, this time at the hands of the Liberal Democrats. It was always a… Continue reading


How to defuse Britain’s £1.45 trillion public-debt time-bomb

29 October 2014 10:13
London, May 2011 (Photo: AFP)

Last week’s public-finance statistics were truly dreadful. They showed that despite a year of fairly robust economic growth, UK government borrowing since the start of the financial year 2014 to… Continue reading