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The Lib Dem scramble for peerages

27 August 2015 17:29
Members of both houses of parliament fil

As well as it being rather amusing that a party officially committed to the abolition of the House of Lords has stuffed a few more of its grandees into the… Continue reading


Could a row with Uber be taxi for a London mayoral candidate?

27 August 2015 16:48
The Evening Standard's Labour mayoral hustings at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

One of the striking things about the contest in Labour for the mayoral candidacy is how many of the candidates are keen to admonish private taxi firm Uber. Sadiq Khan… Continue reading


Long-serving frontbenchers and the Spadocracy dominate the 2015 dissolution peers

27 August 2015 13:42
Members of House of Lords in robes at State Opening of Parliament, House of Lords, England, United Kingdom.

The 2015 Dissolution Peerages have been announced, with many of the names floated in the press over the last few weeks duly being elevated to the House of Lords. The appointment… Continue reading


The Tories should have dropped their net migration target long ago

27 August 2015 11:55
The 2013 Tory conference (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

It’s fair to say the Tories won’t be recycling their ‘immigration down’ posters for this year’s autumn conference. Net migration in the the year to March 2015 was 330,000, which… Continue reading


Immigration hits a record high

27 August 2015 11:52
Image: Getty

There must be an element of masochism in Theresa May that leads her to promise the electorate something she cannot give them: net migration in the tens of thousands. Figures… Continue reading


Podcast: Charlie Falconer vs Douglas Murray on assisted dying

27 August 2015 9:07
18th July 2014 -- Protesters join the 'Not Dead Yet UK' campaign outside the House of Lords as peers debate Lord Falconer's Assisted Dying Bill.

The Assisted Dying Bill will return to the Commons and Lords in the near future – are we prepared for the consequences? On the latest View from 22 podcast, Douglas… Continue reading


When words are added to the dictionary, what about banning some? Here are ten suggestions

27 August 2015 8:44
di has today announced that is adding words like “awesomesauce” and “manspreading” to the dictionary. But what about banning fatuous words and phrases? Here are some of Rod Liddle’s suggestions…  1.… Continue reading


Chilcot resists pressure from MPs to speed up the Iraq Inquiry

26 August 2015 16:06
John Chilcot, the Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry, outlines the terms of reference for the inquiry and explains the panel's approach to its work during a news conference in London, on July 30, 2009.

Sir John Chilcot doesn’t seem all that bothered by the threats of censure from politicians over his lengthy Iraq Inquiry. In a statement released this afternoon, Sir John dismissed the demands from… Continue reading


Exclusive: Ukip wars threaten to reignite over mayoral race

26 August 2015 15:12
UKIP leader Nigel Farage passes UKIP deputy chairwoman Suzanne Evans during the launch of the party's election manifesto on April 15, 2015 in Thurrock, England;

Nigel Farage is trying to block Suzanne Evans from becoming Ukip candidate for Mayor of London with a covert campaign to install a less threatening, loyal party colleague in her… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn is right – it’s time for women-only carriages on trains

26 August 2015 11:26
What is it about quiet coaches and station buffets that attracts perverts? (Photo: Getty)

What can we as a society do about the relentless harassment of women by terrifying men? Menacing men, threatening men, priapic men. Something must be done — and quickly. I… Continue reading


Corbyn’s ‘women-only rail carriages’ points to his coming battle with Fleet Street

26 August 2015 8:05
Jeremy Corbyn holds up a newspaper article as he speaks at a rally for supporters at the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl on August 25, 2015 in Southampton

Has Jeremy Corbyn jumped the shark already, or have we witnessed the first Fleet Street ‘smear’ against him? Today’s i newspaper has splashed with ‘Corbyn backs women-only train carriages’, which at first glance sounds… Continue reading


I can’t join in the China panic (especially not while I’m on a cruise)

25 August 2015 19:06
A pedestrian walks past an electronic display showing the closing figures of Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong, China, on Monday, Aug. 24, 2015.

MS Queen Victoria, 38°N 19°E I’ll do my best, but I’ve got to be honest: being surrounded by shining Ionian waters and convivial Spectator cruisers isn’t helping me channel the… Continue reading


As a northerner, I’m fed up of Andy Burnham’s northern stereotypes

25 August 2015 17:55
Andy Burnham arrives for a football match between Labour Members of Parliament and journalists in Salford, north-west England, on September 30, 2012.

Northerners are easy to stereotype: working class, beer, flat caps, Labour, trade unions and football. In the same way all southerners aren’t stuck-up opera-goers and every Scot isn’t a miserly… Continue reading


Even China can’t buck the market

25 August 2015 15:07

Some years ago, I sat with an old China hand in a Beijing teahouse sipping oolong. An American director at a local education firm, his face was grey, creased by… Continue reading


Harriet Harman: we are not purging Corbyn supporters

25 August 2015 15:05
Harriet Harman Sits Down With Labour Leadership Candidates

The summit on the integrity of the Labour leadership contest is over and interim leader Harriet Harman described it as a ‘routine’ and ‘useful’ meeting. Although she is ‘confident that there won’t be… Continue reading


New poll shows challenges for all Labour leadership candidates

25 August 2015 13:42
Deputy Leader Of The Labour Party Harriet Harman Meets With Labour's Candidate For The Eastleigh By-election John O'Farrell

ComRes has released a new poll which outlines Labour’s present plight (as with all post-election opinion polls, treat these numbers with some caution). Just 20 per cent of the public say they… Continue reading


It is too late to stop a shadow hanging over the Labour leadership result

25 August 2015 8:59
A Labour Party leadership ballot paper is displayed on August 19, 2015 in London.

Concern about how the Labour leadership contest has been run is spreading throughout the party. The former home secretary Charles Clarke, who has voted Kendall 1st, Cooper 2nd and Burnham… Continue reading


An evening with Andy Burnham and his conventional Labour supporters

24 August 2015 22:10
Andy Burnham addressing at Q&A at St Pancras Parish Church in London, 24 August 2015.

Andy Burham’s rally this evening had only one similarity with Jeremy Corbyn’s last week: it was held in a place of worship. At the St Pancras Parish Church in London, close… Continue reading


Spectator competition: a thriller in three text messages (plus: coinages inspired by today’s politicians)

24 August 2015 18:30
Image: Getty

The latest challenge, to submit a thriller in three text messages, seemed straightforward enough but it turned out to be a tough assignment that stretched veterans and newcomers alike. As… Continue reading


Gordon Brown appoints Yvette Cooper as his political heir

24 August 2015 17:39
Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Work and Pensions Secretary Yvette Cooper (L) meet staff as they visit a Job Centre Plus January 20, 2010 in Marylebone, central London, England

Gordon Brown has announced he is backing Yvette Cooper in the Labour leadership contest. In a statement on his website, the former Prime Minister has revealed Cooper will be his first… Continue reading


The short road from anti-Westernism to anti-Semitism

24 August 2015 17:37
An Iranian woman walks past an anti-US mural painted on the wall of the former US embassy in Tehran on November 19, 2011.

Corbynmania has unleashed a great feeling of hope and change in the British public, especially among people hoping to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Whether or not… Continue reading


Labour leadership contenders to demand details of party’s efforts to block infiltrators

24 August 2015 17:19
Ballot Papers Arrive For The Labour Leadership Election

Labour is holding a meeting tomorrow morning with the different leadership camps to discuss how the party is dealing with infiltrators into its membership. The campaigns are particularly keen to… Continue reading


Jeremy Corbyn signals the return of Labour’s Heathrow wars

24 August 2015 15:37
Jeremy Corbyn speaks outside the Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle, during his campaign.

Quelle surprise, Jeremy Corbyn has come out against a third runway at Heathrow. The Labour leadership favourite has indicated in an interview with the FT that under him, the party… Continue reading


China’s ‘Black Monday’ is just the start

24 August 2015 14:34
(Photo: Getty)

One-party states are rarely any good at admitting to any form of blunder. It is certainly the case with China’s prickly political leaders, who love to flood domestic media with… Continue reading


Philip Hammond: we are not ‘blind’ to Iran’s faults

24 August 2015 8:42
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, right, and British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond shake hands for media at the conclusion of their press conference in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, Aug. 23, 2015.

Philip Hammond is the first Foreign Secretary to visit Iran in over a decade as he returned to reopen the Britain’s embassy in Tehran yesterday. But what has prompted this change in government policy? On the Today programme, Hammond explained… Continue reading