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Tory faithful send the PM a clear message on Gove

1 October 2014 17:01
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Many Tories had begun to wonder where Michael Gove had got to. The Chief Whip’s move from the Department for Education was heralded with a briefing that he would be… Continue reading


David Cameron’s speech had classically Tory messages – but it shows he hasn’t given up on modernisation

1 October 2014 16:23
David Cameron delivering his conference keynote speech. Image: Getty

The Tories leave Birmingham in far better heart than when they arrived. They feel that they have succeeded in setting the terms of debate this week. On tax and spending,… Continue reading


Podcast special: David Cameron’s speech

1 October 2014 16:11
Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party Conference

Has David Cameron just delivered his best-ever speech as party leader? I discuss it with James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman in this View from 22 podcast special. My write-up is… Continue reading


David Cameron’s message to Britain: winter is here but spring is coming

1 October 2014 14:28
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Better than Miliband is as fine a demonstration of the soft bigotry of low expectations as you possibly hope to find. Nevertheless, David Cameron’s speech to the Tory conference today… Continue reading


Cameron’s speech show us why he is still the Tories’ greatest single asset

1 October 2014 14:19
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David Cameron has yet again delivered a belter of a party conference speech, peppered with announcements. His performance is a reminder of why, even now, he remains the Tory Party’s… Continue reading


Conservative conference: David Cameron’s bid for the moral high ground

1 October 2014 14:10

When he saw colleagues in the tearoom on Friday as the Commons debated air strikes against Isis in Iraq, David Cameron told them that he’d actually been rather nervous about… Continue reading


David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative conference – full text and audio

1 October 2014 12:56
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listen to ‘David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative conference’ on audioBoom I am so proud to stand here today as Prime Minister of four nations in one United Kingdom. I… Continue reading


Tories will keep NHS ring fence, Cameron to announce

1 October 2014 0:01
Prime Minister David Cameron prepares his keynote speech at the Conservative party conference on September 30, 2014 in Birmingham, England. Image: Getty

The Tories will protect the NHS budget, David Cameron will announce in his speech to his party conference today. Extracts of the Prime Minister’s speech, which he will deliver in… Continue reading


Once upon a time David Cameron had a story to tell; he needs to remember it and tell it again

30 September 2014 20:11
Prime Minister David Cameron Reacts To The Scottish Referendum Decision

It is easy to inflate the importance of speeches made at party conferences. Particularly when those speeches are the last such set piece events before a general election. But they… Continue reading


Tory nerves over Osborne welfare gamble

30 September 2014 19:33
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Will George Osborne get away with his conference gamble that hits working families? The Chancellor’s speech would have received a far worse reception on the front pages of today’s newspapers… Continue reading


Without Michael Gove the Tories have no moral mission on education

30 September 2014 19:05
Education Secretary Nicky Morgan addresses delegates on day three of the Conservative Party conference. Image: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Why is Nicky Morgan the Education Secretary? She’s long been billed as a rising star in the government and has put in some very passionate and impressive performances on the… Continue reading


TM4PM: It’s on

30 September 2014 18:40
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Most Secretaries of State tend to lay low the night before their big conference speech, redrafting and practising. Not so Theresa May. The glammed-up Home Secretary was working the party… Continue reading


Why is Theresa May pretending that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’?

30 September 2014 18:14
(Photo: Getty)

In advance of the Home Secretary’s speech today the Conservative party issued an advance briefing of its ‘new strategy for tackling extremism’. It was gratifying to see that a huge… Continue reading


Leaked lines to take for Tory MPs show party nerves about Ukip

30 September 2014 15:25
Image: Getty

Tory conference has been much more upbeat than last week’s gloomy offer from Labour. But just in case the party had turned up in a bad mood after the defection… Continue reading


Theresa May was a tough act for Boris Johnson to follow

30 September 2014 15:11
Boris Johnson and Theresa May. Image: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Boris Johnson and Theresa May both fancy a pop at the Tory leadership and both gave speeches today that showed they were keen. That much is so well-known that it… Continue reading


Theresa May’s speech on terrorism and extremism – full text and audio

30 September 2014 12:24
Image: Getty

Our values will prevail in the fight against terrorism and extremism Thank you, Alexander, for that thoughtful and inspiring speech. listen to ‘Theresa May's speech on terrorism and extremism’ on… Continue reading


Oops! The ONS admits the UK economy is far stronger than it had thought

30 September 2014 12:16
Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.05.53

Why do economists use decimal points? To show that they have a sense of humour. Never was this old gag more relevant than when considering the data on Britain’s economic… Continue reading


Is London’s Richard Barnes the final Ukip defector?

30 September 2014 11:16
Richard Barnes (Photo: Getty)

The gossip here in Birmingham is that there is a third defector from the Tories to Ukip, that David Cameron knows his name and isn’t too bothered. But if that person… Continue reading


If David Cameron wants seven-day GP clinics, he’ll need market reform

30 September 2014 0:49
Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 00.59.27

Today, David Cameron will pledge that if he’s re-elected he’ll give everyone access to a family doctor seven days a week. He will say:- “People need to be able to… Continue reading


Chris Kelly distressed by Ukip rumours and has denied them to closest family

29 September 2014 19:42
Eric Pickles and Chris Kelly. Image: Flickr/DCLG

Like all MPs suspected as potential Ukip defectors, Chris Kelly is being hounded by colleagues, whips and journalists all desperate to find out what he’s up to. He and his… Continue reading


Loyal Boris rallies the troops

29 September 2014 19:28
Boris Johnson Stand For Selection As An MP

Boris Johnson was on loyal form tonight at the Conservative Home rally. He told the audience that the Tory advantage on leadership and the economy would see voters coming over… Continue reading


Turncoats, ‘dickheads’ – what the Tories think of Ukip

29 September 2014 17:39
(Photo: Getty)

The Tories are bracing themselves for another defection to Ukip which may or may not come today or in the next few days. MPs and whips have been chasing after… Continue reading


Podcast: George Osborne’s conference speech

29 September 2014 16:42
(Photo: Getty)

Isabel Hardman and James Forsyth were both at George Osborne’s speech this afternoon. Here’s a special podcast, with analysis of the speech and a look at what else we might expect… Continue reading


Eric Pickles: The Conservatives are building houses – and bringing power to the people

29 September 2014 16:04
David Cameron with two first-time buyers. Image: Getty

A great country is built on strong communities. And strong communities are built on the shoulders of individuals – ordinary people doing extraordinary things. As Communities Secretary I am privileged… Continue reading


Dan Hannan boycotts Tory conference (but promises he won’t defect to Ukip)

29 September 2014 15:49

No Mark Reckless, no Brooks Newmark and now no Bow Group.  The oldest conservative think-thank has announced that they are boycotting this year’s Tory conference. It seems, for Dave at least,… Continue reading