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Ukip suspend candidate featured in party political broadcast for tweets

24 April 2014 19:00
Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 19.01.40

Ukip have suspended a member and Merton council candidate who appeared in their party political broadest, Andre Lampitt, for a series of ‘repellent’ tweets. Here are those offensive tweets, which… Continue reading

Doing God works well for Cameron

24 April 2014 18:00
David Cameron on a visit to the Church of the Nativity. Picture: Getty

David Cameron’s decision to hug-a-Christian seems to have worked pretty well, judging by the political response he’s provoked. For starters, his comments about Britain being ‘evangelical’ about its status as… Continue reading


What does new Number 10 hire mean for stop-and-search reform?

24 April 2014 17:00
Theresa May Visit Hertfordshire After Results Show A Reduction In Crime In The UK

As James revealed on Coffee House earlier, Max Chambers will take over from Patrick Rock on the home affairs brief in the Number 10 policy unit. One thing that will… Continue reading


Exclusive: Max Chambers to join No.10 policy unit

24 April 2014 16:20
The UK 2010 General Election Results In A Hung Parliament

I understand that Max Chambers of Policy Exchange will soon join the Number 10 policy unit. Chambers will take on the home affairs brief that has been vacant since Patrick… Continue reading


Nick Clegg’s cojones

24 April 2014 13:13
Mr and Mrs Clegg, a thoroughly modern couple.

Mr and Mrs Clegg attended the launch yesterday evening of Cityfathers, a group designed for fathers working in the Square Mile. With the kind of spontaneity that smacks of an… Continue reading


The optimism deficit

24 April 2014 12:52
Image: Getty

The extent of public pessimism in Britain is striking. 54 percent of people think that young people’s lives will be worse than that of their parents’ generation. This pessimism, I… Continue reading


Ukip’s poster campaign misses the point about the job market

24 April 2014 12:23

‘Twenty-six million people in Europe are looking for work. And whose jobs are they after?’ asks the Ukip poster for the euro-elections, beside a Lord Kitchener-style pointing finger. Obviously, Ukip… Continue reading


Who tells Ed Miliband when he’s made a mistake?

24 April 2014 10:30
Ed Miliband. Image: Getty

Dan Hodges’ piece in this week’s Spectator on the team around Ed Miliband is a must-read (and we’ve posted an even longer version online here). As he runs through those… Continue reading


Podcast: Ed Miliband’s radical Old Labour agenda and Clinton vs Bush round two

24 April 2014 9:22
Has Miliband exhumed Old Labour policies to take him to No.10? Photo: Getty Images.

Where has Ed Miliband found the policies to form the basis of his potential government? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, The Telegraph’s Dan Hodges and Marcus Roberts from… Continue reading


Michael Gove’s campaigning job

23 April 2014 18:22
Michael-Gove-illustration copy

Who will go where in the forthcoming reshuffle? Guido suggests that Michael Gove could be in for a move to party chairman, given all his major reforms have either been… Continue reading


Will the Lib Dems enter another coalition?

23 April 2014 18:16
Nick Clegg Gives A Speech On Britain In Europe

Danny Alexander’s comments to the BBC that, in the event of another hung parliament, the Lib Dems wouldn’t make a confidence and supply deal with either the Tories or Labour,… Continue reading


As the Yes side rises in the polls, Scotland prepares for a Neverendum

23 April 2014 13:37

I suspect I might be one of the Scottish journalists Iain Martin considers keen to make a melodrama from the independence referendum. Ten weeks ago I warned in this magazine that… Continue reading


Tony Blair spoke the truth about Islamism. But not the whole truth

23 April 2014 13:35
Tony Blair's Keynote Speech On The Middle East and North Africa

As so often (in my opinion) Tony Blair is almost right. In a wide-ranging speech at Bloomberg this morning he roamed over Syria, Libya, the Middle East and the West’s withdrawal… Continue reading


Can Labour really resist class war?

23 April 2014 12:52

There’s something quite amusing about a party that majored on the number of Etonians in the Cabinet as the substantive part of its response to the Budget briefing the Independent… Continue reading


Don’t do it Boris!

23 April 2014 11:31

Is Boris Johnson about to announce his intention to stand at the next general election? The well-connected Jason Groves reports today that Boris will make clear his plans before the… Continue reading


Full text: Tony Blair’s speech on why the Middle East matters

23 April 2014 10:49
Tony Blair giving his keynote speech at Bloomberg this morning. Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

It is unsurprising that public opinion in the UK and elsewhere, resents the notion that we should engage with the politics of the Middle East and beyond. We have been… Continue reading


Why all the fuss about hunting? After all, it’s not a vote-loser

23 April 2014 10:23
Riders Meet For The Traditional Boxing Day Hunt

The last couple of months have seen a huge amount of to-and-froing over the hunting ban from David Cameron. After the Federation of Welsh Farmers Packs published research into the… Continue reading


Alex Salmond’s reassuring St George’s Day address

23 April 2014 9:01

St George’s Day is one of those festivals that politicians are particularly earnest about, for fear someone accuse them of being ashamed of England. But today’s most interesting pointed St… Continue reading


What Cameron and Osborne’s rare joint appearance tells us about their relationship

22 April 2014 21:00
David Cameron And George Osborne Speak To Staff At Skanska

David Cameron and George Osborne managed to garner more attention for their infrastructure announcement (or re-announcement) today by organising their first joint appearance alone together in four years – and… Continue reading


Dave’s brush with the bed bugs

22 April 2014 15:27
(Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty)

First it was a jellyfish that blighted the Prime Minister’s Easter break in Lanzarote. Now, according to Trip Advisor, fellow guests at the discreet Casa Tomaren might have had more than… Continue reading


‘I’m voting Ukip… because I work for them’

22 April 2014 15:04
Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 14.59.52

Ukip is the Common Sense party that listens to ordinary people. So says Lizzy Vaid, who appears on the party’s European elections manifesto as someone thrilled that Nigel Farage’s party… Continue reading


The Ukip posters will offend more Londoners than eastern Europeans

22 April 2014 14:54
One of the Ukip posters, attacking EU migration.

Globalisation is like a rising tide; we’re all living in our separate ponds with their own little social ecosystems until the floodwater starts to rise and turns them into one… Continue reading


Briefing: Britain — a Christian country?

22 April 2014 12:54
David Cameron at St Mary's Church, Bournemouth. Photo: PARSONS/AFP/Getty Images

Is Britain still a Christian country? There is no straightforward answer to that question, as David Cameron discovered to his cost this weekend. The ongoing row began with an article… Continue reading


The UK is a Christian country, whether the Left like it or not

22 April 2014 11:20
(Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty)

As the crucifixion of Damian McBride over Easter in 2009 proves, the four-day news void can be gruesome for Downing Street, yet it seems congratulations are in order this year.… Continue reading


Why David Cameron has ditched a free vote on hunting

22 April 2014 10:33
(Image: Getty)

David Cameron has, according to this morning’s Times, U-turned on his Coalition Agreement promise to hold a free vote in the House of Commons on repealing the Hunting Act. This… Continue reading