Toby Young

Toby Young is the author of How to Lose Friends & Alienate People and the co-founder of several free schools. In addition to being an associate editor of the Spectator, he writes a regular blog for the Telegraph

Press regulation will silence pesky gadflies like me

9 January 2017 14:49

Nineteen years ago I was threatened with a libel suit by Harold Evans because of an article I’d written in…

Oh, the shame of not being Pointless

12 November 2016 16:00

I give an after-dinner speech occasionally called ‘Media Training for Dummies’. That may sound condescending, but the dummy in question…


Spectator Life: My flight with Donald Trump

23 September 2016 10:53

When we were putting together the latest issue of Spectator Life, we had a debate about whether to put Donald…

Podcast: Is it wrong to ban the burkini?

1 September 2016 14:08

For about a year now, James Delingpole and I have been doing a regular podcast for Ricochet, the American website…

In praise of free schools

25 August 2016 16:09

Congratulations to all those free schools who got their GCSE results this morning. We don’t yet have the full picture,…

Pupils sit a GCSE exam at Maidstone Grammar school, Maidston

New grammars won’t do more for social mobility than comprehensives. But there is a third way

9 August 2016 8:17

One of David Cameron’s last acts as Prime Minister was to approve an application by Ashlawn School in Rugby to…

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I’ll vote for Theresa, but only if she passes these three tests

7 July 2016 17:22

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I wanted Michael Gove to be in the final two in the…


Brexit: Facts Not Fear

14 June 2016 17:21

I’ve made a short film with my friend Roger Bowles about why I’ll be voting Leave on 23 June and…

Boris Johnson Attends The Opening Of West London Free School

Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life

7 May 2016 19:28

When I got an email from the Evening Standard’s education correspondent at 06.29am yesterday I had no idea that my…


Zac Goldsmith has nothing to be ashamed of

6 May 2016 18:50

It’s disappointing to see how many Tories are buying into Labour’s spin about Zac Goldsmith having fought a ‘dog whistle’…


The moronic middle-class Sats warriors are entrenching class divisions

4 May 2016 16:03

Tuesday’s protest against Key Stage 1 Sats was moronic on so many levels that it’s hard to know where to…

Labour Mayoral Hopeful Reveals His Vision For London

Is it ‘Islamophobic’ to draw attention to Sadiq Khan’s links with extremists?

2 May 2016 9:28

Zac Goldsmith came in for a fair amount of criticism yesterday after writing a piece in the Mail on Sunday…

It will take more than Labour’s ‘inquiry’ to deal with the left’s anti-Semitism problem

30 April 2016 10:47

Anyone concerned about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party should welcome the appointment of Shami Chakrabarti, the former head of Liberty,…

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There’s nothing ‘racist’ about Boris Johnson’s Obama comments

22 April 2016 17:39

Nick Cohen is predictably over-the-top in his response to Boris Johnson’s piece about President Obama’s intervention in the Brexit debate…


I confess it all… I’ve been dodging tax since the age of eight

13 April 2016 12:44

As someone who still entertains hope of becoming a member of Parliament one day, I’d better come clean about my…

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Will the Guardian now investigate its own tax arrangements?

6 April 2016 14:59

Something odd happened at the Guardian on Monday as the paper’s editorial staff were basking in the glow of their…


Boris Johnson: A mixture of principle and opportunism, just like every politician

22 February 2016 18:47

Boris Johnson is a slippery fish, but I don’t think Nick Cohen quite captures him in his blog post earlier…

Surely a nation that eats a lot of cake is, almost by definition, not miserable? (Photo: Getty)

Emma Thompson is wrong about the EU – and cake

17 February 2016 15:25

At first glance, Emma Thompson’s intervention in the Brexit debate earlier this week didn’t make much sense. Asked at the…


Join Spectator Life for the Baftas

13 February 2016 8:28

This Sunday, Spectator Life will be live blogging the Baftas. Lloyd Evans, Melissa Kite, Jasper Rees, Emily Hill and I…

Summer Returns To Oxford

David Cameron is plain wrong about Oxford and race. Here’s why

31 January 2016 10:55

I applaud the Prime Minister for pointing out the scandalous lack of black students at Britain’s top universities, but he’s…

Christmas lights: a bone of contention (David Hecker/Getty Images)

It’s time for the annual round of arguments with my sweet-natured wife

23 December 2015 10:00

The older I get, the more Scrooge-like I become. I’m dyspeptic, misanthropic, curmudgeonly, parsimonious and unsentimental. Caroline, by contrast, is…

Steven Pinker (Photo: Getty)

Steven Pinker interview: Western intellectuals and journalists must promote liberal values

21 December 2015 12:00

Rumours of the death of Western liberalism have been cruelly exaggerated, according to Steven Pinker. The Harvard psychology professor spoke…

According to members of the interfaith community, faith schools must now prove that they don't cause social division (Photo: Getty)

Faith schools are now under attack from the interfaith community

7 December 2015 14:22

It’s depressing to read of yet another attack on faith schools in today’s papers, this time from a self-appointed ‘Commission’…

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Western liberalism is no match for the Islamic Game of Thrones

19 November 2015 11:05

As a graduate student in the Harvard Government Department in the late 1980s, I became slightly jaded about the number…

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My mission: buy lunch for a protestor outside Conservative party conference

7 October 2015 10:40

The mood at the Conservative party conference this week was a little subdued, and no wonder. As those who watched…