Tim Wigmore

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Barack Obama’s best voice: Michael Grunwald

7 December 2012 9:30

No Obama policy – not even ‘Obamacare’ – has been derided quite as much as his stimulus package and the…

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

The Lib Dems’ future may not be so bleak

23 November 2012 11:51

At last week’s Corby by-election, the Liberal Democrat candidate requested two recounts. Once a formidable by-election machine, the Lib Dems…

US President Barack Obama Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney make their way to greet their wives at the end of the third and final presidential debate. Picture: Getty

Barack Obama tells Mitt Romney: ‘We have fewer horses and bayonets’

23 October 2012 8:53

Whoever wins the US presidency on 6 November will owe little of their success to foreign policy. A recent poll showed that…

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney shake hands after the second presidential debate last night. Picture: Getty

Obama campaigns for Clinton’s third term

17 October 2012 11:32

This debate was never going to be easy for Mitt Romney. After his evisceration of Barack Obama in the first…

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Vice-President Biden closes the enthusiasm gap

12 October 2012 7:24

The conventional wisdom dictates that debates between VP candidates are nights that should only interest political anoraks. But the last…

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney sparred in their first televised presidential debate last night. Picture: Getty

Mitt Romney raises (low) expectations in first presidential debate

4 October 2012 9:24

It’s been quite a week for weird would-be national leaders. First we had Ed Miliband deliver the best speech of…

Children learn to bake at a Steiner school. Picture: Getty.

The quiet country lane hosting a schooling revolution

14 September 2012 13:58

The location hardly suggests revolution. A few miles down a Somerset country lane, a new school opened this week. It…

Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as running mate means the election has ceased to be a referendum on Obama’s first term. Picture: Getty.

How the forecasters could fail for the 2012 presidential election

31 August 2012 13:51

The really curious thing about this year’s US presidential election is that it looks set to defy all political forecasts.…

Senator John McCain celebrated his 76th birthday at the Republican National Convention last night. Picture: Getty.

McCain sounds his age, not like an elder statesman

30 August 2012 15:29

John McCain cut rather a sad sight last night as he addressed the Republican National Convention on his 76th birthday.…

Artur Davis formally defected from the Democrats to the Republican party this year. Picture: Getty

How Artur Davis can really help Mitt Romney

29 August 2012 16:27

‘The last time I spoke at a convention, it turned out I was in the wrong place.’ Artur Davis spoke…