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Theresa May’s Ukip opportunity

23 October 2016 11:13

Since Nigel Farage’s latest resignation as Ukip leader, it has become clear that he is the only person who can…

Jeremy Corbyn Is Announced As Labour Leader

Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet reshuffle in full

6 October 2016 22:00

Jeremy Corbyn has begun a shadow cabinet reshuffle. Follow the details here. IN: Nick Brown has been appointed as Winterton’s…


Full text: Theresa May’s conference speech

5 October 2016 14:19

When we came to Birmingham this week, some big questions were hanging in the air. Do we have a plan…


Full text: Ruth Davidson’s Conservative party conference speech

5 October 2016 11:36

Friends, five years ago I came to this conference, seeking to win the leadership of our party in Scotland. We’d…


Full text: Education secretary Justine Greening’s conference speech

4 October 2016 16:25

As a Conservative, when I look at where we’ve had the biggest impact in government, there’s one area that really…


Full text: Jeremy Hunt’s Tory party conference speech

4 October 2016 15:51

Conference, I believe totally and utterly in our NHS. I want it to offer the safest, highest quality care of…


Full text: Amber Rudd’s conference speech

4 October 2016 12:35

I succeed one of the most successful Home Secretaries of modern times. You may define success as holding the post…


Full text: Michael Fallon’s Tory party conference speech

4 October 2016 11:57

This week our party is putting forward a vision of a country that works for everyone. Where you can go…

Full text: Liam Fox’s conference speech

3 October 2016 16:44

There was a time when the terms ‘Britain’ and ‘trade’ would have been almost synonymous. For over two centuries we…


Full text: Philip Hammond’s conference speech

3 October 2016 12:16

It’s great to be back in Birmingham – and a privilege to address this conference as Chancellor of the Exchequer.…


Full text: Boris Johnson’s conference speech

2 October 2016 16:52

I was at the UN general assembly in NY the other day and talking to the foreign minister of another…

Full text: David Davis’s conference speech

2 October 2016 15:59

Ladies and gentlemen, on the 23rd of June the British people voted for change. And this is going to be…


Full speech: Theresa May on ‘Britain after Brexit’

2 October 2016 15:39

81 days ago, I stood in front of Ten Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister, and I…


Full speech: Jeremy Corbyn at Labour party conference

28 September 2016 15:32

Thank you for that introduction. And how brilliant it is to see the hall here in Liverpool, absolutely packed for…


Full speech: Tom Watson at Labour party conference

27 September 2016 17:16

Hello, Conference. Thank you for being here in this great city, at this historic gathering of the greatest movement for…


Full speech: Sadiq Khan at Labour conference

27 September 2016 13:30

Labour in power. Not just talking the talk, but walking the walk too. Never sacrificing or selling out on our…


Full speech: John McDonnell at Labour conference

26 September 2016 13:00

Now the leadership election is over, I tell you, we have to become a government in waiting. An election could…


Britain has shown Germany how to handle a migrant crisis

21 September 2016 10:54

Only now does Angela Merkel concede that she made mistakes when admitting a million refugees last year. It was obvious to…


An independent Scotland would now be bankrupt

24 August 2016 14:15

This time two years ago, the United Kingdom stood on the brink of dissolution. The referendum on Scottish independence hung…


It’s time to defend Brexit

19 August 2016 14:35

One of the many incorrect predictions about this year’s referendum was that those who voted for Brexit would soon regret…

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Business confidence is returning to Brexit Britain

29 July 2016 14:08

For all Gordon Brown’s economic mistakes, he at least tried to build confidence in the British economy. In the build-up…

May cabinet reshuffle FINAL

Theresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle in full

14 July 2016 13:35

Theresa May has now finished the task of appointing her Cabinet. Here’s the list in full of who is in,…


David Cameron’s legacy: a stronger, fairer Britain

13 July 2016 14:45

Midway through his final cabinet meeting, David Cameron realised — with some horror — that it had turned into a…


The Spectator podcast: It is time for a new workers’ party

7 July 2016 10:59

To subscribe to The Spectator’s weekly podcast, for free, visit the iTunes store or click here for our RSS feed.…

Michael Gove and Theresa May. Image: Getty

Why the Tories should send May and Gove to the country

7 July 2016 10:00

As a radical paper, The Spectator has always been an admirer of Michael Gove, particularly his education reforms. He was,…