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Election results: what you need to know

6 May 2016 13:00

Summary: Sadiq Khan becomes Mayor of London. SNP fail to win a majority. Scottish Tories become second largest party in Scottish…

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It’s Trump vs Hillary: a race that should terrify all conservatives

4 May 2016 18:44

This morning, Ted Cruz bowed out of the race. Now, John Kasich has given up. As a result Donald J. Trump, the most…


The other leagues that Leicester tops

3 May 2016 14:23

A sneak preview from the ‘Barometer’ column of facts and figures in the next Spectator, out on Thursday… Other remarkable…


How to listen to The Spectator podcast

28 April 2016 8:34

Every week, The Spectator podcast brings together a variety of people to discuss politics, culture and current affairs. Presented by Isabel Hardman,…


Leave wins the Spectator Brexit debate at the London Palladium

26 April 2016 18:47

It was the largest debate in The Spectator’s history: we sold out the 2,200-seat London Palladium for our debate on whether Britain should…


The Spectator reader survey

25 April 2016 16:13

The Spectator exists to inform, entertain and infuriate. If you have a few minutes, we’d love to know more about…


The future belongs to entrepreneurs

22 April 2016 18:25

‘Who thinks the UK is the best place in Europe to start a business?’ asked Spectator editor Fraser Nelson. Almost…


The Whittingdale ‘scandal’ shows why Britain’s free press is more responsible than its critics

13 April 2016 14:08

For weeks, Westminster has been full of rumours about the private life of a certain cabinet member. It was said…

The Spectator podcast: Eugenics, Tory wars and poetry

31 March 2016 8:25

We’re delighted to have Berry Bros sponsor our flagship podcast. For some years now their ‘Good Ordinary Claret‘ has been The Spectator’s house red, served to all our guests…

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How is Britain going green? By shutting down industry

30 March 2016 13:54

A fortnight ago, the energy minister, Andrea Leadsom, declared grandly that Britain, alone in the world, would commit to a…


The Spectator Podcast: Brussels, Tory wars and Brexit feminists

24 March 2016 8:17

This podcast is sponsored by Berry Bros, The Spectator’s house red. In this week’s episode of the Spectator Podcast, Isabel…


Belgium is, again, fighting the enemy within

22 March 2016 10:47

This morning, Belgium became the latest European country to have suffered a major terrorist attack. The scenes in Brussels serve…

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Full text of Jeremy Corbyn’s Budget speech

16 March 2016 16:33

Thank you Mr Deputy Speaker. The Budget the Chancellor has just delivered is actually a culmination of six years of…

U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Presents The Autumn Statement

George Osborne’s 2016 Budget: full audio and text

16 March 2016 13:51

Mr Deputy Speaker, Today I report on an economy set to grow faster than any other major advanced economy in the…

George Osborne Presents The 2016 Budget Statement To The House Of Commons

Budget 2016 – the key announcements

16 March 2016 12:40

Sugar tax on drinks with over 8pc sugar from 2018. A tax on the poor. Chunky growth downgrades. This year, GDP to…


The Spectator Podcast: the deportation game, Osborne’s leadership chances and the Stepford Students

10 March 2016 11:16

In this week’s cover feature, Rod Liddle and Douglas Murray look at Britain and Europe’s approach to deportation. In Britain,…

The Spectator podcast: Donald Trump’s angry America

3 March 2016 8:37

In this week’s issue, Freddy Gray discusses Donald Trump’s success on Super Tuesday. America has been the world’s most benevolent…

cameron eu deal

Cameron fights back: his full statement on the EU deal

22 February 2016 16:50

I have spent the last nine months setting out the four areas where we need reform and meeting with all 27…

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The EU has just called Cameron’s bluff – and won

19 February 2016 22:40

So in the end, David Cameron’s attempt to renegotiate Britain’s EU membership served to remind us of the case for leaving: the EU…

Podcast special: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

15 February 2016 12:42

In this View from 22 podcast special, The Spectator’s Editor Fraser Nelson hosts a discussion about whether the world is…


The Spectator Podcast: Turkey can’t cope. Can we?

11 February 2016 8:48

In this week’s issue, Laura Pitel discusses whether the next refugee crisis emerging in Turkey could dwarf the first which…

Today’s doctors strike proves how the NHS needs radical reform

10 February 2016 7:49

This is a bleak day for the NHS. The doctors strike has gone ahead and some 3,000 operations have been…

Voila! Cameron's deal, depicted by Morten Morland in the cover of this week's Spectator

Cameron’s “deal” has backfired – badly. So what will he do now?

6 February 2016 10:25

It should, by now, be clear to David Cameron that he is in some degree of trouble with his referendum.…

Voila! Cameron's deal, depicted by Morten Morland in the cover of this week's Spectator

The Spectator Podcast: Eurosceptic chaos, Trump’s campaign and the inaugural What’s That Thing? Award

4 February 2016 9:03

In this week’s issue, political editor James Forsyth asks whether David Cameron has somehow managed to dish the Eurosceptics for…


David Cameron’s draft EU Deal: full text

2 February 2016 11:45

The following document has been released by the European Commission: The Heads of State or Government of the 28 EU Member States…