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Tony Blair giving his keynote speech at Bloomberg this morning. Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Full text: Tony Blair’s speech on why the Middle East matters

23 April 2014 10:49

It is unsurprising that public opinion in the UK and elsewhere, resents the notion that we should engage with the politics of the Middle East and beyond. We have been… Continue reading

Tristram Hunt. Illustration: Ian Tovey.

Full text: Tristram Hunt’s speech to the Spectator schools conference

3 April 2014 11:42

listen to ‘Tristram Hunt's speech + Q&A at Spectator's schools conference’ on Audioboo Free Schools, For-profit Schools and the Swedish Slide Thank you. It is, as ever, a great pleasure to… Continue reading

David Dimbleby, Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg this evening. Photo: BBC.

Live: Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage debate – round two

2 April 2014 18:08

This is a live blog for tonight’s debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage, kicking off at 7pm. We’ll be adding in audio from the debate below. This page will… Continue reading

Image: Getty

George Osborne’s ‘fight for full employment’ speech – full text

31 March 2014 12:28

In a speech given at Tilbury Port in Essex, Chancellor George Osborne hailed cuts to business and personal taxes this week as the ‘biggest in two decades’ – and committed… Continue reading

A slimmed-down George Osborne poses with the Budget. (LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Budget 2014: full text of George Osborne’s speech

19 March 2014 14:01

listen to ‘George Osborne delivers the 2014 Budget’ on Audioboo Mr Deputy Speaker, I can report today that the economy is continuing to recover – and recovering faster than forecast.… Continue reading


Budget 2014: live audio

19 March 2014 11:58

This is our audio hub for George Osborne’s fourth budget. It will automatically update every minute. We’ll bring you the audio of the budget as well as reaction throughout the… Continue reading

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Former Labour minister Tony Benn dies – reaction

14 March 2014 8:06

Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour party: ‘The death of Tony Benn represents the loss of an iconic figure of our age. ‘He will be remembered as a champion of… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Ed Miliband’s speech on Europe: full text

12 March 2014 11:21

In a speech today at the London Business School, Ed Miliband set out Labour’s policy on an EU referendum: unless there are further transfers of powers, there won’t be one. Here’s… Continue reading

Protests Against Staff Cuts Across London Transport

RMT leader Bob Crow dies – reaction

11 March 2014 10:18

RMT leader Bob Crow has died aged 52, the Press Association is reporting. Only yesterday the union boss was giving broadcast interviews, including this one on BBC Radio 4′s PM… Continue reading

Liberal Democrats Annual Spring Conference 2014

Nick Clegg’s ‘I love Britain’ speech: full text

9 March 2014 14:32

Since I became the Deputy Prime Minister I have had the privilege of spending a bit of time representing Britain’s interests in other parts of the world. I have visited… Continue reading

Patrick Rock, the Prime Minister's former deputy head of policy

Patrick Rock arrest: Sir Jeremy Heywood’s reply to Labour letter

5 March 2014 20:53

Dear Mr Ashworth, Thank you for your letter. I will try to respond to your specific questions but, as you recognise, in doing so my overriding concern must be to… Continue reading


Exclusive: HS2 Bill won’t be passed by the next election, Transport Secretary admits

5 March 2014 15:52

In this week’s Spectator magazine, James Forsyth interviews the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin. McLoughlin admits that the government is unlikely legislation to get the HS2 Bill through Parliament before the next election… Continue reading

A Russian flag is seen in the foreground as unidentified armed individuals in armoured vehicles block the base of the Ukrainian border guard service in Sevastopol. Picture: Getty

William Hague summons Russian ambassador as Russian parliament approves sending troops to Ukraine

1 March 2014 17:46

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary who is off to Kiev tomorrow, has issued the following statement:- ‘I am deeply concerned at the escalation of tensions in Ukraine, and the decision… Continue reading

Members Of The Royal Family Attend The Commonwealth Day Of Observance At Westminster Abbey

John Major’s speech to CCHQ – transcript

25 February 2014 17:18

Speaking at Conservative Campaign Headquarters today, having been invited by Chairman Grant Shapps to launch a new apprenticeship scheme, Sir John Major: – Set out the moral mission of the… Continue reading

Chancellor George Osborne Speech On EU Reform

George Osborne’s speech on whether Scotland could keep the pound – full text

13 February 2014 12:28

In a speech in Edinburgh today, the Chancellor launched an attack on the ‘yes’ campaign’s intention to keep the pound as the currency of an independent Scotland. Here’s what he… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.22.21

David Cameron’s speech on Scottish independence – full text and audio

7 February 2014 11:49

At the Lee Valley Velopark today, David Cameron gave a speech where he called on people across the UK to speak out for the UK and against Scottish independence. Here’s… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Michael Gove’s speech on improving schools – full text and audio

3 February 2014 12:52

This morning Michael Gove gave a speech at the London Academy of Excellence on improving ‘bog standard’ state schools. Here’s what he said:- listen to ‘Michael Gove’s speech on improving… Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith’s speech on welfare reform – full text

23 January 2014 10:42

The Work and Pensions Secretary was speaking to the Centre for Social Justice this morning. Introduction It is a pleasure to be hosted today by the Centre for Social Justice… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Ed Miliband’s ‘One Nation Economy’ speech: full text and audio

17 January 2014 11:59

listen to ‘Ed Miliband's ‘One Nation Economy’ banking reform speech’ on Audioboo Today I want to tell you what the next election is about for Labour. It is about those… Continue reading

Simon Hoggart, the Spectator's wine writer 2001-2014.

The wit, wine and wisdom of Simon Hoggart, 1946 – 2014

6 January 2014 12:36

Simon Hoggart, one of the Spectator’s best-loved columnists, died yesterday after fighting pancreatic cancer for over three years. He began writing for the magazine in the mid-nineties, and started the… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 11.53.26

George Osborne’s New Year speech on the economy

6 January 2014 11:59

Earlier today the Chancellor gave a speech on the economy where he set up a choice for politicians: cut back on welfare, or hurt ‘hard working families’ with tax rises… Continue reading

Elizabeth Jane Howard photographed in 1956.

Elizabeth Jane Howard 1923 – 2014

3 January 2014 9:07

The novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard died yesterday at the age of 90. She is most famous for the series of 14 Cazelet novels; the last of which, All Change, was… Continue reading

Christmas dinner
Photo: Getty

A Charm against Indigestion

26 December 2013 11:00

Soothe your post-Christmas dinner indigestion with these readers’ charms, dug out from the spell-book that is the 24th December 1954 edition. The usual prize of £5 was offered for a… Continue reading

(Warrick Page/Getty Images)

Video: The Queen’s 2013 Christmas message

25 December 2013 16:26

Her Maj on top form – and highlighting the benefits of the ‘family’ of the Commonwealth. A reminder that, if Britain does leave the EU, it has a far more… Continue reading


The Spectator correctly predicted that Australia would regain the Ashes

17 December 2013 15:22

Australia have regained the Ashes, much to the dismay of the British side. But did the Spectator’s Australian edition predict this might happen months ago? Here’s Terry Barnes’s piece from August,… Continue reading