Sunder Katwala

Muslim prayer taking place in the Memorial Courtyard of the Ministry of Defence in London on 23rd July 2014. (Image: Ministry of Defence)

Michael Fallon marks century of Muslim service in British armed forces

24 July 2014 14:45

After nineteen hours without food, nor even a drop of water, the prospect of the single succulent date which breaks…


It’s easier to win an argument with Ukip if you admit it’s not a racist party

9 May 2014 11:27

There have been one or two calls to brand Ukip a racist party, and some media debate about whether it…

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First XI of the Fallen

10 November 2012 10:30

Who was the greatest sporting star who fought in the first world war? It is a difficult argument to settle…

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How should we mark the Great War’s centenary?

11 October 2012 11:34

It seems strange now to recall that, it was not so many years ago, around the time of the millennium,…

Richard III

Richard III should be buried in the north

13 September 2012 10:43

History is written by the victors. So Richard III might have anticipated that his death at Bosworth Field in 1485,…


Let’s remember McDonald Bailey in 2012

17 January 2012 16:11

McDonald Bailey was certainly among the most famous names in British sport when Britain last hosted the Olympics, in 1948.…