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The Education Secretary opens a free school in Birmingham (Photo: Getty)

Super-sized primary schools will damage education standards

3 September 2013 17:45

This morning, as parents were getting their children ready for their first day at school, the Education Secretary was taking to the airwaves. To many parents, who will be sending… Continue reading


Multiple entry is making a mockery of the GCSE system. Michael Gove needs to clamp down

22 August 2013 15:25

When I took my O Levels in 1983, I was nervous enough taking each exam once. But this year, increasing numbers of teenagers will take their GCSE exams in the… Continue reading

Image: Getty

The rigour of the future that will deliver ‘secondary ready’ pupils

18 July 2013 11:03

On entering government in 1997, Tony Blair and David Blunkett set about transforming primary education. It was a sorry state of affairs that we inherited. In Maths and English, only… Continue reading

Anthony Seldon wants schools to teach good character. Picture: Getty

Schools can teach good character and the 3 Rs

22 January 2013 16:44

Education debates are riddled with false choices, as Michael Barber notes in his recently published essay Oceans of Innovation. It’s academic or vocational; it’s best practice or innovation; it’s the… Continue reading