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Theresa May makes Christmas look like child’s play

8 December 2016 13:22

Although David Cameron tended to put a photo of himself and his wife Samantha on the front of his Christmas…


Theresa May vs Whitehall – round II

8 December 2016 12:52

Theresa May, you may have read, is fed up with obsequious civil-servants and their ticky-box ways. ‘From the officials’ point…


Bill Cash teaches Ken Clarke a lesson at Brexit debate

7 December 2016 18:26

In today’s Article 50 debate, MPs from across the House offered their two cents worth on what Brexit means. However,…


Watch: Steve Baker wages war on BBC at PMQs

7 December 2016 13:11

Although the BBC has traditionally been accused of showing anti-Conservative bias, since Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader the party…


Nigel Evans’ Trump card for Christmas

7 December 2016 11:36

Christmas doesn’t start until Nigel Evans sends out his annual card.  This year’s is no exception, with the Conservative MP’S…


Ukip struggle to get their message across in Sleaford by-election

5 December 2016 16:29

Here we go again. As Paul Nuttall tries to prove that Ukip is a professional party on the path to…


Will Theresa May take her mansplaining mission to Bahrain?

5 December 2016 12:25

Last month, word began to spread around Whitehall that the Prime Minister would not take kindly to any ‘mansplaining’ — after…


Westminster fashion police turn on Theresa May

5 December 2016 8:56

Claws out in Westminster. Since Theresa May was appointed Prime Minister, several of her one-time cabinet colleagues have taken issue with…


Nick Clegg loses his enthusiasm for a Lib Dem rebrand

4 December 2016 14:36

In 2011, when the Liberal Democrats’ poll ratings had fallen to 10 per cent, Nick Clegg ordered a rebranding exercise, even looking at…

Conservative Party Conference 2004

Nicholas Soames tries to woo Brexiteers with champagne

2 December 2016 15:50

Throughout the EU referendum campaign, Nicholas Soames stood firmly on the side of Remain — warning that a vote to Leave…

Tim Farron Congratulates Sarah Olney On Her By-election Win

Listen: Lib Dems cut disastrous Sarah Olney interview short

2 December 2016 14:26

Sarah Olney’s honeymoon period as the newly elected MP for Richmond Park has come to an abrupt end. Hours after…


Watch: BBC presenter blasts ‘imperialist lies’ over Fidel Castro

2 December 2016 12:23

This week, it’s not gone unnoticed that the BBC have given Fidel Castro’s death a lot of air time and a…

Votes Are Counted In The Richmond Park By-election

Zac Goldsmith’s brother has a tantrum

2 December 2016 6:18

Last night the Liberal Democrats managed to overturn Zac Goldsmith’s 23,000 majority in Richmond Park. While Goldsmith was visibly downcast…

(Photo: AFP/Andrew Cowie)

Bob Geldof: I led the booing of Mike Pence at Hamilton

1 December 2016 12:10

Last month, the president-elect declared war on Hamilton — the broadway musical — after his vice-president elect Mike Pence was booed and…


Watch: Douglas Murray gives Richard Gott a history lesson

30 November 2016 15:25

With Emily Thornberry en route to Cuba to attend the funeral of Fidel Castro, back in Blighty landbound socialists —…

YouGov Brexit Discussion In Berlin

Listen: Stephen Kinnock grilled on Labour’s immigration policy on Today

30 November 2016 11:43

After Ukip’s new leader Paul Nuttall said he planned ‘to replace the Labour party and make Ukip the patriotic voice…

Eddie Izzard Addresses The Cambridge Union On The EU Referendum

Eddie Izzard’s Remain spending spree

29 November 2016 17:01

Although Eddie Izzard’s kiss of death is famous throughout Westminster, the comedian-turned-campaigner still manages to bag prominent positions in losing…

Former U.K. Defence Secretary Liam Fox Interview

Wanted: Good press for Liam Fox

29 November 2016 16:31

Of all the government departments, it’s the Department for International Trade that manages to find itself in the firing line…

Conservative MP Mark Field. Photo: BBC.

Nicholas Soames brings Mark Field down a peg or two

29 November 2016 12:04

Although Theresa May is reluctant to say that Brexit means anything other than… Brexit, on Monday we were given a glimpse…

The SNP Prepares To Kick Off 2010 Election Campaign

SNP MP: what we can learn from Fidel Castro

28 November 2016 10:29

Oh dear. Over the weekend many liberal leaders heaped praise on Fidel Castro as news broke that the Cuban dictator…


BBC attacks ‘lavish’ Netflix for propagating ‘myths’ about the royal family

28 November 2016 9:00

Since Netflix released The Crown, much praise has been heaped on the network for the royal drama. In fact, the series…


Jeremy Corbyn hails Fidel Castro, ‘a champion of social justice’

26 November 2016 15:13

As the world reacts to the news that Fidel Castro has passed away, Jeremy Corbyn has offered a personal tribute to…


Nigel Farage takes a swipe at Sir Kim Darroch

25 November 2016 18:28

It’s not been a great week for Sir Kim Darroch. On Monday, he suffered the embarrassment of having the president-elect call…


Chris Leslie is no substitute for John McDonnell on Question Time

25 November 2016 14:42

On Thursday night, John McDonnell had to pull out of an appearance on Question Time — alongside David Gauke, Tim Farron, Mariana…


George Osborne outs Cronus, the Commons tarantula

24 November 2016 15:51

Although it’s usually cats that dominate government-related pet news, in recent week’s Gavin Williamson’s tarantula Cronus has been causing a…