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Watch: Ukip leadership candidate says sorry for ‘gay donkey’ gaffe

24 October 2016 14:26

Steven Woolfe has said Ukip is in a ‘death spiral’ and on the basis of the latest candidate to join the…


Arron Banks revisits old wounds

22 October 2016 10:00

During the EU referendum, there was a fierce contest between Vote Leave and Grassroots Out over which would win the…

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Announces His Party's Education Manifesto

Chuka can’t

20 October 2016 9:22

Although Chuka Umunna was widely tipped to succeed Keith Vaz as chair of the home affairs select committee, in the end…


Watch: Theresa May’s risqué PMQs joke about Mrs Bone

19 October 2016 12:35

Theresa May’s track record of telling jokes in the Commons isn’t good. Last month at Prime Minister’s Questions, her wise…


Russell Brand’s principles prove costly

19 October 2016 8:48

Spare a thought for Russell Brand. Although the comedian-turned-revolutionary-turned-comedian-again has made clear that ‘profit is a filthy word‘, in recent…


UK consumer confidence hits five-year high as Brexit bounce continues

17 October 2016 13:33

Another day, another piece of embarrassing data for those who predicted that the Brexit vote would trigger an immediate recession.…


Science Must Fall: it’s time to decolonise science

17 October 2016 12:36

First we had Rhodes Must Fall, now it’s the turn of Science Must Fall. Students at the University of Cape…


Notting Hill set splits in two – ‘it’s agony’

17 October 2016 8:55

Since the EU referendum result led to David Cameron’s resignation, the former Prime Minister’s friendship groups have experienced a change…


Watch: Emily Thornberry’s calamitous Question Time appearance

14 October 2016 16:49

Emily Thornberry put in a memorable performance on Question Time last night. Unfortunately for the shadow foreign secretary, it was…

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2012 - Portraits

Paul Mason turns on Jeremy Corbyn

14 October 2016 10:48

Since stepping down as the economics editor of Channel 4 News, Paul Mason has become a key cheerleader for Jeremy…


Watch: BBC runs video of a gorilla whilst trailing Nicola Sturgeon interview

14 October 2016 10:21

Oh dear. Spare a thought for the brains over at BBC Breakfast today. As the presenters told viewers that they would…


Guardian in a pickle over Seumas Milne’s return

13 October 2016 12:36

With Seumas Milne on the way out as Jeremy Corbyn’s director of communications, he is widely expected to return to the…


Watch: John Bercow slaps down SNP MP for unstatesman-like behaviour

12 October 2016 15:57

Since the — fast depleting — SNP 56 descended on Parliament last year, there have been a number of incidents — from clapping in…

Stop The War Christmas Fundraising Dinner

Labour: why not protest outside the American embassy?

12 October 2016 13:48

Well that didn’t last long. Just minutes after Jeremy Corbyn completed a fairly successful turn at PMQs, his spokesman plunged…

Stop The War Coalition Protest Against Air Strikes In Syria

Stop the War stay away from the Russian embassy – ‘we won’t contribute to the jingoism and hysteria’

12 October 2016 10:00

Although little was agreed upon in yesterday’s debate on Aleppo with regards to a no-fly zone, one thing the Foreign…

V Festival 2010 - Day One

Breaking: Jeremy Corbyn wins over a Tory voter

12 October 2016 9:03

Mr S has an apology to make. On Monday, Steerpike suggested that the news that Paul Weller — a man who…


Corbyn’s latest cheerleader wanted to vote for Russell Brand in general election

10 October 2016 16:36

With the latest ICM poll putting the Tories on a 17-point lead over Labour, it seems as though Jeremy Corbyn’s beleaguered…

Labour shadow cabinet

Labour’s frontbench hypocrisy on grammar schools

10 October 2016 8:11

On Sunday, Shami Chakrabarti was forced to use an appearance on Peston on Sunday to claim that she was not…


Guardian fails its own ‘traingate’ investigation

7 October 2016 16:21

Oh dear. After the Guardian ran a story claiming Jeremy Corbyn was unable to find a seat on a Virgin…

The Conservative Party Conference 2016 - Day Three

Listen: Amber Rudd’s brother attacks her conference speech

7 October 2016 14:41

It’s been a difficult week for Amber Rudd. After the Home Secretary used her speech at Conservative conference to call…


Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet brag fails to ring true

6 October 2016 23:13

As Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet reshuffle rattles on, it seems all that power is going to his head. The Labour…

British Prime Minister Theresa May Arrives At The 2016 Conservative Party Conference

Conference party round-up: Theresa’s kiss is put on hold

5 October 2016 22:30

After four days of speeches and panels at Tory conference, there is now at least a little consensus over what Brexit…


Chipping Norton set cut out of May’s speech

5 October 2016 12:53

It’s not been a great conference for the Cameroons. After George Osborne and Michael Gove decided to give the event…


Breaking: Brexit means breakfast

4 October 2016 11:29

Brexit means Brexit. But for some, remembering that definition can be a challenge. For Welsh Tory leader Andrew Davies, it…

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Geor

The Notting Hill set stay away from Birmingham

4 October 2016 11:07

At this year’s Labour conference, the absence of several centrist MPs at the annual event was taken as a sign…