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Tory MP: there is a very deep pit reserved in hell for Michael Gove

30 June 2016 17:27

Who ever does become the new Conservative leader is going to face a difficult challenge uniting the party, let alone…


Is Michael Gove the Brutus to Boris Johnson’s Caesar?

30 June 2016 16:16

Boris Johnson managed to surprise commentariats and colleagues alike today when he used his supposed leadership launch to announce that…


Jeremy Corbyn sparks anti-Semitism row… at Labour’s anti-Semitism inquiry press conference

30 June 2016 12:52

Given that Jeremy Corbyn set-up Labour’s anti-Semitism inquiry to examine the extent of the problem in the party, he will…


Boris Johnson’s water cannon splurge comes back to haunt him

30 June 2016 11:34

Today Boris Johnson has found himself attacked on all sides with his leadership bid now seen to be over before it even…


Sarah Vine sends Tory leadership email to a member of the public

29 June 2016 17:06

Oh dear. This morning Sarah Vine surprised Daily Mail readers after she declared in her column that both she and…


Watch: David Cameron tells Jeremy Corbyn to resign – ‘for heaven’s sake man, go!’

29 June 2016 12:47

As Jeremy Corbyn faces even more Shadow Cabinet resignations today, it’s becoming difficult to locate a Labour MP who thinks…

Political Leaders Vote In The EU Referendum

Sarah Vine reveals the Gove household reaction to Brexit: ‘you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off’

29 June 2016 11:53

Since Leave triumphed in the EU referendum, there have been growing concerns that the Brexiteers were not suitably prepared for…


Coffee Shots: Corbyn’s comrades enjoy late night tête-à-tête

28 June 2016 17:28

As Labour MPs drowned their sorrows in Strangers’ Bar last night following a fractious meeting of the PLP, over in the…


Jeremy Corbyn decides Shadow Cabinet broadcast is a ‘bad idea’… after filming begins

28 June 2016 14:39

As the Labour party slowly implodes, Jeremy Corbyn is doing his best to keep the show on the road. To…

Diane Abbott speaks to delegates during a session entitled "Britain and the World" during the second day of the Labour Party Autumn Conference  on September 28, 2015 in Brighton, United Kingdom.

Listen: Diane Abbott says it’s ‘Westminster-centric’ to ask if Corbyn can win an election

28 June 2016 10:52

With Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet now somewhat depleted, brains at Labour are left with less choice when it comes to who…


Watch: Labour’s new shadow Justice Secretary turns on his fellow MPs at Momentum rally

27 June 2016 20:18

While Corbyn faced an open revolt from MPs at tonight’s meeting of the PLP, over in Parliament Square the Corbyn fightback got underway…


Watch: Jeremy Corbyn heckled by his own MPs – ‘resign!’

27 June 2016 15:58

It’s not proving to be a great day for Jeremy Corbyn. After over half of his Shadow Cabinet resigned, the…


Jeremy Corbyn’s new Shadow Defence Secretary goes MIA on first day

27 June 2016 12:53

Given the flak that Tom Watson  received for partying until 4am at Glastonbury on Saturday as his party imploded, one…

Emily Sheffield with her sister Samantha Cameron (Photo: Getty)

Sam Cam’s sister switches sides over Brexit – ‘how quickly can I join the Labour party?’

26 June 2016 22:52

Ahead of the EU referendum, David Cameron’s sister-in-law declared that she would never vote Conservative again if Leave won. Now…

Simon Danczuk (Photo: Getty)

Simon Danczuk comes to Jeremy Corbyn’s rescue

26 June 2016 19:53

Today Jeremy Corbyn has had not one, not two, not three but ten Shadow Cabinet members hand in their resignation. What’s more,…


What Labour coup? Tom Watson parties the night away at Glastonbury

26 June 2016 10:49

As Jeremy Corbyn tries to hold off the threat of a coup from members of his shadow cabinet, it’s probably for the…


Watch: Jeremy Corbyn heckled over Europe at London Pride – ‘it’s your fault!’

25 June 2016 14:11

It’s not turning out to be a great weekend for Jeremy Corbyn. First he had to pull out of a…

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Breaking: Jeremy Corbyn cancels his Glastonbury gig

24 June 2016 14:44

Given that the result of the EU referendum was likely to have a monumental impact whatever the outcome, Jeremy Corbyn’s…


Andrew Cooper bizarrely sets bar for Cameron: win referendum by 10 points

23 June 2016 16:25

In last year’s general election, Andrew Cooper was left red-faced after his firm Populus’s final ‘prediction‘ of a 0.5 per cent chance of…


Is it a case of Tim-Nice-But-Dim for Remain?

22 June 2016 11:53

Another day, another Brexit poll. This time YouGov claim to have discovered what a name can tell you about someone’s voting tendency. If…

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

The Queen’s Brexit challenge to dinner guests: ‘give me three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe’

21 June 2016 17:09

Although the Sun were only recently found guilty of ‘significantly misleading’ its readers with its ‘Queen backs Brexit’ splash, it…


Breaking: Stuart Rose manages to be of help to Remain

21 June 2016 14:00

It’s fair to say that Stuart Rose has not been of huge help to Remain in the EU referendum. Despite…

Stuart Rose with June Sarpong at the launch of the Stronger in Europe campaign

Another day, another private members’ club visit for Stuart Rose

20 June 2016 18:36

In recent weeks, there has been a genuine concern among Brexiteers that the In campaign are hiding Stuart Rose out of…

The Conservative Party Hold Their Annual Party Conference - Day 1

How Sayeeda Warsi duped The Times

20 June 2016 10:00

Today The Times have splashed on the revelation that Baroness Warsi is defecting from Out to In as a result…

Emily Sheffield and her sister, Samantha Cameron (Photo: Getty)

Sam Cam’s sister vows never to vote Tory again if Leave win

19 June 2016 21:01

There’s a lot at stake for David Cameron when it comes to the EU referendum. As well as having to…