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London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron arrive at the Advantage children's daycare nursery on April 22, 2015 in Surbiton, England.

When David told Boris to ‘f—ing shut up’

30 August 2015 10:44

Oh dear. Although Lord Ashcroft said he would be pleasantly surprised if Anthony Seldon’s biography of David Cameron offered anything more than ‘a sanitised account’ of his time in Number 10,… Continue reading


All hail Lord Livermore, king of Labour campaigning

28 August 2015 12:54

It’s fair to say that the appointment of Ed Miliband’s ex-campaign director Spencer Livermore to the House of Lords hasn’t gone down well in Labour circles. Harriet Harman was said… Continue reading


For sale: Jeremy Corbyn’s used coffee cup

27 August 2015 17:18

It’s official, Jeremy Corbyn has made it. Following in the lines of all the greats, the left wing messiah has inspired such fan devotion that people are genuinely bidding on… Continue reading

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It's honours day for Cameron and Osborne's chums

27 August 2015 16:18

The 2015 Dissolution Peerages have been announced today, following much rumour about who might receive one. While Mr S’s colleague Sebastian Payne has the full list over on Coffee House, it’s… Continue reading

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg speaks to  party activists alongside Jasper Gerard (left), the partyÕs candidate for Maidstone & The Weald, at Hush Heath Winery on May 3, 2015 in Tonbridge, England.

Coming soon: more Lib Dem advice on how to win an election

27 August 2015 13:30

Given that the general election proved disastrous for the Liberal Democrats, it’s surprising how many party members seem keen to revisit the experience. With Vince Cable and Norman Baker both bringing out… Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn's Policy Ideas For Young People Launch

Labour asks school pupils to act as informants ahead of vote

27 August 2015 11:46

Although Buzzfeed managed to successfully register a cat to vote in the Labour leadership election, the party remains insistent that they are successfully weeding out ‘supporters’ who are not genuine. However,… Continue reading


The Guardian declares war on the Sunday roast

26 August 2015 10:55

A time will come when the Guardian declares war on your favourite food. The lefty bible has so far deemed HP sauce to be the condiment of ‘the establishment’, tea… Continue reading

J.K Rowling - In Conversation

Pardon my Scots, J.K. Rowling tells the French

25 August 2015 16:45

Despite becoming a Cybernat target during the Scottish referendum after she donated £1 million to the Better Together campaign, J.K. Rowling has not been deterred from putting Scottish Nationalists in their place. Such… Continue reading

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Andy Burnham: Labour will have a female candidate when time is right

25 August 2015 10:54

Andy Burnham’s leadership bid hit a stumbling block this morning. Burnham — who bills himself as both the anti-Westminster candidate and the candidate who can unite the party in Westminster… Continue reading


Damian McBride offers three-point guide for surviving the next financial crash

24 August 2015 15:18

With reports starting to claim that the next global financial crisis is on the horizon, one could be forgiven for thinking it’s all doom and gloom. So Steerpike was cheered to see that Labour’s… Continue reading

Red's Hot Women Awards

Louise Mensch adds yet another Twitter gaffe to her list

22 August 2015 10:41

Louise Mensch has once again become the subject of much ridicule online over something she has tweeted. The incident occurred last night after the former Tory MP claimed Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters —… Continue reading

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Geor

Aristocrats, champagne and a Rolex: George Osborne’s 21st birthday bash

21 August 2015 15:41

Although Tatler received a boost to its readership following the BBC’s ‘Posh People: Inside Tatler’, a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the magazine, for some ‘posh people’ the society bible has long been… Continue reading

A portrait of William Shakespeare is pic

Poets4Corbyn: Jeremy Corbyn is immortalised in rhyme

21 August 2015 11:32

If you thought Corbynmania was limited to female obsession and male politicians growing their facial hair, it’s time to think again. It turns out that Jeremy Corbyn is also inspiring poets everywhere.… Continue reading

Andy Burnham delivers a speech at the Peoples Museum on August 17, 2015 in Manchester, England

Unite distances itself from Burnham camp after email blip

20 August 2015 18:41

Oh dear. Andy Burnham’s efforts of late to appeal to Jeremy Corbyn’s left-wing voters may have gone to waste after an email blip this morning. Steerpike understands that he has risked… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Ed Miliband does a ‘Jeremy Corbyn’

20 August 2015 12:37

This summer a new craze has taken hold of several politicians. Inspired by the frenzy Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘world weary sea dog’ beard has caused amongst women, both Ed Vaizey and… Continue reading

The First Editions Of The Sun On Sunday Hit The Newstands

Rupert Murdoch comes out in support of Jeremy Corbyn

20 August 2015 10:32

First Russell Brand, and now Rupert Murdoch has joined the list of ‘endorsements Jeremy Corbyn might not actually want’. The News UK media mogul, whose papers backed the Tories in the… Continue reading


Russell Brand comes to Jeremy Corbyn’s defence

19 August 2015 16:08

Jeremy Corbyn has been having a difficult time of late. The Labour leadership favourite has become increasingly tetchy with the media after facing questions about his links to a Holocaust denier, as… Continue reading


Lucy Powell’s Mean Girls moment: ‘I have never, ever met Jeremy Corbyn’

19 August 2015 9:25

After the Queen’s Speech in May, a number of Labour MPs including Chuka Umunna and Rachel Reeves enjoyed a group trip to Nandos. Alas the invite didn’t manage to make… Continue reading


Andy Burnham, we have got news for you!

17 August 2015 13:19

In an interview with Labour Uncut, Andy Burnham admitted a dark secret: that throughout the 90s he lived in fear that his early-career journalism gigs — from his time working for… Continue reading

John Bercow attends Wimbledon

MPs enjoy a summer of freebies

17 August 2015 9:29

With MPs being awarded a 10 per cent pay rise this summer, politicians have been left having to defend their annual salary of £74,00o from sceptics who point out that the boost comes at… Continue reading

The Scottish Labour Young Socialists

Coffee shots: Cocktails for Corbyn

14 August 2015 15:36

With the registration period now closed, Labour members are sitting tight, waiting for their ballot papers to arrive. A period of quiet, sober reflection now begins, as members decide who they want… Continue reading

Michael Dugher

Labour’s attack dog takes a swipe at the Guardian after Burnham snub

14 August 2015 8:37

Oh dear. Is the Labour leadership campaign beginning to get too much for the Burnham camp? After the Guardian announced last night that they would be endorsing Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham’s… Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

Is the dream over? Corbyn’s friend comes out against him

13 August 2015 17:56

It’s safe to say that today has not been a great day for the Corbyn campaign. After Yvette Cooper gave a speech claiming her Labour leadership rival’s policies are neither original… Continue reading


John Bercow: clapping could be permitted in the Chamber

13 August 2015 10:55

The SNP may finally be having an effect on Westminster’s rules and traditions. Ever since the 56 SNP MPs descended on Parliament they have been repeatedly told off by the… Continue reading

(Credit: @KarenDanczuk)

Karen Danczuk struggles to find work

12 August 2015 15:52

It seems that Karen Danczuk’s glittering post-politics career isn’t going quite to plan. The estranged wife of Labour MP Simon Danczuk — who used to work for her husband as… Continue reading