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Video: David Cameron bizarrely switches his football allegiance to West Ham

25 April 2015 9:53

The Prime Minister’s claim that he supports Aston Villa has never been quite believed by football fans. And today, it seems, he has changed his allegiance – telling an audience (above)… Continue reading

Gordon Brown speaking yesterday

Labour is pledging a £1m handout to Scottish foodbanks. Why not English ones?

24 April 2015 19:09

Gordon Brown is saying some strange things. He is being chased out of Fife by the nationalist genie that he pulled out of the bottle, but snarling at the SNP as he does… Continue reading


Has the BBC painted its website red?

24 April 2015 15:26

Dare Mr S suggest the BBC election website is a little skewed towards the red corner? Miliband’s foreign policy foray leads the hub, yet fails to give much coverage of the… Continue reading

Paul Dacre at the bash

Paul Dacre: The free press is the last genuinely free aspect of modern Britain

24 April 2015 13:15

Northcliffe House was host to a Fleet Street reunion last night, for the launch of Mail executive Robin Esser’s memoir ‘Crusaders in Chains’. After sixty years a newspaper man, Esser’s… Continue reading

Nick Clegg at the Lib Dem manifesto launch.

Coffee Shots: Liberal Democrats struggle with the small print

24 April 2015 11:00

As the Liberal Democrats fight for survival in the general election, word reaches Mr S that things in the yellow camp may be even more dire than first thought. Mr… Continue reading


Joan Collins celebrates her damehood with an old frenemy

24 April 2015 9:00

With the Queen’s birthday honours fast approaching, future awardees can take inspiration from Joan Collins on the suitable number of events required to celebrate one’s damehood. Writing in this week’s… Continue reading


Confirmed: Ukip would let St George into the country

23 April 2015 13:01

It’s St George’s Day so to celebrate Ukip held a press conference where they gifted red and white jester hats adorned with St George’s flags to journalists. Talk soon turned… Continue reading

David Cameron poses for a selfie with Helle Thorning Schmidt and Barack Obama during the memorial service for Nelson Mandela

David Cameron: ‘The selfie will come, the selfie will go’

23 April 2015 12:48

Given that David Cameron posed for a selfie alongside Barack Obama at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, Mr S was surprised to hear that the PM has now tired of the trend. Speaking to… Continue reading


Image from Islington: Lib Dems troll Emily Thornberry

23 April 2015 11:01

It’s St George’s Day today, and presumably Labour’s Emily Thornberry is out looking for ‘amazing’ houses draped in English flags. To help her out (in a way), her Lib Dem… Continue reading

UKIP Nigel Farage Attends BBC Broadcasting House For A Radio Interview

Exclusive: UKIP donor already organising South Thanet victory party

22 April 2015 17:15

Nigel Farage has fought off accusations that he’s an invisible candidate in South Thanet, claiming to have held more public meetings than all of the other candidates put together. But… Continue reading


Alex Salmond: I’m writing the Labour party budget!

22 April 2015 15:06

Ed Miliband might not like to talk about an SNP-Labour coalition but the SNP aren’t so shy. In fact, they seem to be revelling in the Tory message of ‘Vote… Continue reading

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Revealed: Why the Tories have a big London problem

22 April 2015 9:42

This afternoon something rare will happen in this election campaign. David Cameron will campaign in London. While bus-ing and jetting all around the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, the… Continue reading

Russell Brand Delivers The Reading Agency Lecture

Brian May questions Russell Brand’s revolution

21 April 2015 23:04

Tonight Russell Brand took part in a live Q&A to celebrate the launch of his new documentary The Emperor’s New Clothes. The film looks into the effects of capitalism and it has… Continue reading


Paddy Ashdown: Grant Shapps is ‘fine man’ who’s ‘never done anything dodgy’

21 April 2015 19:52

You have to hand it to the Liberal Democrats: they know how to put out a press release. Following accusations in the Guardian that Grant Shapps or someone ‘under his… Continue reading

Nigel 'Boycie' Farage. Photo: Sebastian Evans/The Spectator.

Boycie: Nigel Farage ‘sounds nothing like me’

21 April 2015 16:38

Nigel Farage may see himself as the quintessential British politician, but is he modelling himself on a national comedy treasure? Mr S’s colleague Sebastian Payne noted that in Lord Ashcroft’s… Continue reading

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Estate agents find elections may be good for business

21 April 2015 16:03

Last week the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors warned that uncertainty over the mansion tax has caused property prices to rise as fewer homes are put on the market until the… Continue reading

Emily Sheffield and her sister, Samantha Cameron (Photo: Getty)

Sam Cam’s sister criticises Ed Miliband for standing against his brother

21 April 2015 14:56

Given that Samantha Cameron and her sister Emily Sheffield have both forged successful careers of their own in varying fields, sibling rivalry is unlikely to have ever been an issue… Continue reading

Touker Suleyman celebrates the relaunch of the clothes brand Ghost

Dragons’ Den star: Why I didn’t sign business letter backing the Tories

21 April 2015 14:17

Last month over 100 British business leaders signed a letter backing the Conservatives’ economic policies. The letter, which was published in the Daily Telegraph, was seen as damaging to Labour… Continue reading


Andrew Marr admits the BBC misquoted David Cameron on foxhunting

20 April 2015 19:21

After Mr S’s colleague Camilla Swift wrote of the Twitterstorm that engulfed David Cameron after Andrew Marr claimed on air that the PM had declared foxhunting to be his favourite sport, the presenter has… Continue reading

Opposition Leaders Arrive For The Live BBC Debate

Is the election site May 2015 really as ‘unaligned’ as it claims?

20 April 2015 15:56

Twitter is abuzz today following the election site May 2015‘s claim that Ed Miliband will most likely win the election. The article in question argues that it would be very difficult –… Continue reading


Watch: Russell Brand trespasses on Lord Rothermere’s property

20 April 2015 12:25

Earlier this year Mr S revealed that Russell Brand had made an unwelcome visit to the home of Lord Rothermere, the proprietor of the Daily Mail newspaper group, as part of filming for… Continue reading


Ed Miliband was ‘absolutely terrified’ by hen party, bless him

20 April 2015 9:57

Over the weekend, Mr S brought you the unlikely tale of the Labour leader becoming a pin-up for a brood of hens on a night out in Chester. Sadly his… Continue reading

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Watch: Ed Miliband treated like rock star by screaming girls. Seriously

19 April 2015 9:14

You have to hand it to Justine Thornton. After her interview, where she alerted the world to Red Ed’s status as a bit of a boulevardier having secretly dated the… Continue reading

Lynton Crosby

Tories are left playing by Aussie rules

18 April 2015 18:34

Tory campaign boss Lynton Crosby invited the former Australian Prime Minister John Howard into Conservative Party HQ on Thursday afternoon to give staff and ministers a mid-campaign pep talk. Firing… Continue reading


Who would have thought the Greens would be so rubbish with rubbish in Brighton?

18 April 2015 10:00

On Thursday Natalie Bennett spoke during the BBC Challengers’ Debate of the positive change Caroline Lucas has brought to British politics since she was elected as the MP for Brighton Pavilion. However,… Continue reading