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Andrea Leadsom march was a ‘bit of a cock-up’, says campaign chief

26 July 2016 14:51

It’s less than a month since Andrea Leadsom bowed out of the Conservative leadership contest, leading to Theresa May’s appointment…

Boris Johnson and George Osborne visit the Battle of Britain Bunker on September 10, 2015 in Uxbridge, England.

George Osborne presses on with his foreign ambitions

25 July 2016 15:56

Although George Osborne was passed over for the role of Foreign Secretary in Theresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle, the MP for…


‘Stupid English people’ to blame for Brexit, says Alan Cumming

24 July 2016 16:03

In last month’s EU referendum, pundits and politicians were left surprised when Brexit triumphed with 52 per cent of the vote.…

Larry, the 10 Downing Street cat, sits o

Downing Street cat fight

22 July 2016 12:35

Claws out, it’s all kicking off in Downing Street. After a month of drastic change and bubbling tensions among Westminster’s big…


Corbyn campaign website sends a mixed message

21 July 2016 16:33

With Owen Smith now Jeremy Corbyn’s official challenger in the leadership election, the pair will spend the summer campaigning ahead…

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Sorry Jeremy, shouldn’t Labour’s gender equality review start at home?

21 July 2016 12:42

Today Jeremy Corbyn has launched his campaign ahead of the Labour leadership election. Corbyn, who is being challenged by Owen Smith, used the launch…


Meet Jeremy Corbyn’s new Question Time champion – the Vote Leave campaigner

20 July 2016 15:43

After Jeremy Corbyn faced a vote of no confidence from Labour MPs over his lacklustre effort in the failed Remain…


Watch: Theresa May ridicules ‘unscrupulous’ Corbyn over Labour job insecurity

20 July 2016 12:51

In recent weeks, Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity has hit a new low with the Parliamentary Labour Party. Things are so bad…


Osborne’s ally: ‘In mafia terms, George has been disrespected’

20 July 2016 12:18

Theresa May is midway through her first session of Prime Minister’s question time, and it’s a very different look. She…


Angela Eagle’s leadership campaign ends with yet another gaffe – ‘porridge!’

19 July 2016 18:02

Today Angela Eagle has announced that she is dropping out of the Labour leadership race. Her decision comes after a…


Watch: Lady Nugee’s ‘all male’ Foreign Office jibe fails to add up

19 July 2016 13:59

Spare a thought for the ladies of Labour. After years spent campaigning for gender equality, they are yet to have…


Watch: John Kerry bangs his head on No.10 front door

19 July 2016 12:28

When David Cameron hummed a bizarre tune last week as he walked through the door of No.10, there was much mystery…


David Cameron’s Mr Darcy moment

19 July 2016 12:16

It’s been a difficult month for David Cameron, who has gone from holding the most powerful office in the country to being a…


Did Melania Trump just out herself as a Democrat?

19 July 2016 9:38

There’s no love lost between Donald Trump and Barack Obama. And yet for Melania Trump, the President’s wife Michelle appears to…

Labour's Shadow Work And Pensions Secretary Visits The North East Of England

Owen Smith: I’m normal… I have a wife and children

18 July 2016 16:39

Oh dear. With nominations for the next Labour leader set to open in a matter of hours, now is not the…

Steel Unions March For An Industry In Crisis

Power or revolution? Revolution, says Jeremy Corbyn

18 July 2016 10:20

As Jeremy Corbyn is forced to fight for the Labour leadership, one of the main criticisms from his opponents is that he…


Coffee Shots: Seumas Milne gets in Corbyn’s way

17 July 2016 16:13

With Labour in turmoil, Owen Smith and Angela Eagle have both spent their Sunday explaining why they should be the…


Rod Liddle’s Freedom Dinner speech: Labour’s Jew-bashing, the anti-Brexit mob and Tim Farron

15 July 2016 14:49

This week, Mr S made his way to Boisdale to watch his Spectator comrade Rod Liddle give the key address…

Former U.K. Defence Secretary Liam Fox Interview

Liam Fox celebrates his new job

14 July 2016 21:23

While today’s political climate might not be great for the country, the watering holes of Westminster are certainly doing okay out…

Ministers Attend David Cameron's Last Cabinet Meeting

Theresa May’s purge of the posh

14 July 2016 18:00

It’s not a great day to be an ambitious Tory who attended a private school — let alone Eton. After…


Lily Cole’s £200,000 government grant fails to pay off

14 July 2016 14:24

What will be David Cameron’s legacy? The former Prime Minister is keen to be remembered for his social justice reform,…

The Government Publishes Its White Paper On The Future Of The BBC

BBC staff ‘whoop and cheer’ John Whittingdale’s sacking

14 July 2016 11:05

During John Whittingdale’s tenure as Culture Secretary, the Tory MP has proved to be the thorn in the BBC’s side. So, it’s…


Has Philip Hammond just blurted out Theresa May’s decision on Heathrow?

14 July 2016 8:53

In his interview on the Today programme this morning, Philip Hammond said nothing memorable – which Mr S finds a…

Tom Jeremy

Watch: Cameron makes Corbyn squirm with email predicting Labour’s disunity

13 July 2016 12:48

Today’s PMQs have proved to be a lively affair as David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn traded jibes at the despatch…

May and Boris

Place your bets! Bookies reveal favourites for Theresa May’s Cabinet

13 July 2016 11:33

As Theresa May prepares to move into No.10 today, Britain’s next Prime Minister has a united party behind her. Since…