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Andy Coulson’s PR exercise hits a bum note

26 August 2016 16:47

When Andy Coulson stepped down as David Cameron’s director of communications in 2011 over phone hacking allegations, it made front…


Is Hillary Clinton the new Bob Geldof?

26 August 2016 13:01

So far in the course of the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton has been labelled ‘crooked’ and had her political rival Donald…

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Labour’s security shambles takes a turn for the worse

25 August 2016 16:51

It’s exactly one month until Labour conference and the party’s security shambles just got a whole lot worse. After the…


Jeremy Corbyn gets a seat on Virgin (again)

25 August 2016 12:16

After a difficult few days for Jeremy Corbyn following ‘traingate’, the Labour leader has reason to smile again. Today, Corbyn…


Jeremy Corbyn’s jammy escape

25 August 2016 8:51

On Wednesday, Jeremy Corbyn appeared rather rattled when a Sky News reporter asked him about ‘traingate‘ at a campaign event…

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Nigel Farage tells Trump rally to take heart from Brexit

25 August 2016 7:08

As everyone in Britain knows, Brexit became a real possibility only once Nigel Farage was elbowed out of the leadership by…

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Mr Brexit meets… Mr Brexit

24 August 2016 16:42

Last week Donald Trump managed to leave hacks and commentariats confused when he took to Twitter to declare that he would…


It’s been a year, Nicola Sturgeon. Where are your refugees?

24 August 2016 9:00

This time last year, as images of refugees fleeing Syria dominated the news, a host of charitable figures offered to do their bit…

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Jeremy Corbyn’s CCTV concerns are put to bed

23 August 2016 16:41

As the internet goes into meltdown over the news that Jeremy Corbyn may have had a seat after all when…


Virgin accuses Corbyn of telling porkies in train video

23 August 2016 14:15

Last week, a video of Jeremy Corbyn sitting in the hallway of a crowded train on the his way to…

Clare Foges worked as David Cameron's speech writer (Credit: Zumapress)

David Cameron’s larynx comes to his defence on childhood obesity

23 August 2016 13:03

Theresa May was once seen as the continuity candidate to succeed David Cameron. However, since becoming Prime Minister she has gone…


Jeremy Clarkson’s half-hearted apology to Gordon Brown

22 August 2016 16:16

Although Jeremy Clarkson had to leave the Beeb last year following a ‘fracas’ with a producer over a cold meat…


Sorry, what? European Parliament claims the EU topped Olympic medal table

22 August 2016 14:00

After Britain ended the Rio Olympics in an impressive second place in the olympic medal table, many Brexiteers claimed the…

Former U.K. Defence Secretary Liam Fox Interview

Listen: Liam Fox boasts of Foreign Office land grab

22 August 2016 12:25

For weeks there have been reports of simmering tensions between Theresa May’s three Brexiteers. After the Prime Minister appointed David…

Happier days

Sadiq Khan booed by Corbynistas at rally

22 August 2016 7:56

After Sadiq Khan declared that he would not get involved in the Labour leadership contest, the Mayor of London had a…


Watch: Jack Dromey’s U-turn over Corbyn

19 August 2016 10:30

It’s tough being a part of the Labour coup. Even though you’ve plotted behind the party leader’s back and are…

Mayors of tomorrow

Jeremy Corbyn’s PMQs conundrum

18 August 2016 17:38

With Labour’s list of all-male mayoral candidates announced last week, there has been some speculation that the potential loss of Andy…

Winston Churchill with a bulldog mascot

Wanted: a British bulldog for the Brexit department

17 August 2016 16:58

In recent months, Downing St has played court to a turf war between No.10’s chief mouser Larry and Palmerston, the Foreign Office’s top…


Sarah Vine lifts the lid on Michael Gove’s beard

17 August 2016 8:51

There has been much speculation this week regarding rumours that Michael Gove has a beard. The former Justice Secretary was…

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What was Nigel Farage doing at the German embassy?

16 August 2016 10:49

After Nigel Farage achieved his aim of taking Britain out of the EU, he announced that he would be stepping down…


Is there happy news at last in the Remain camp?

15 August 2016 15:53

This autumn, Sir Craig Oliver will publish his book Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of the EU Referendum. The tome promises…


Ed Vaizey is left out in the cold

15 August 2016 14:13

As Theresa May’s recently re-shuffled Cabinet get underway with the big task at hand, spare a thought for those who…


Clean-eating emergency: the Guardian turns on avocados

13 August 2016 10:00

Oh dear. First the Guardian declared tea drinkers to possess ‘the worst possible English trait, up there with colonialism‘ and…


Friday caption contest: Farage’s new look

12 August 2016 15:33

Now that Nigel Farage is stepping away from frontline politics, he has more time to focus on his family, television…


Newsnight feels the heat over Emma Thompson’s ‘inaccurate’ climate claims

11 August 2016 12:19

Oh dear. Although BBC presenters tend to shrug off most accusations of bias as nonsense, staff at Newsnight are going…