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Why the Hunting Act is still dividing opinions ten years on

18 November 2014 15:06

Most weeks there is a demonstration of some sort in Parliament Square. I can hear the noise from my office and occasionally read the odd banner or two. Some are… Continue reading


The hunting debate returns – and with it, the chance to strengthen the rural vote

14 October 2013 12:24

So hunting returns to the front page of the Telegraph, just like old times. But today provides an intriguing variation on the norm. Instead of Tories calling on the Prime… Continue reading

An animal rights protester wearing an RSPCA hunting ban placard in 1988. Picture: Getty

Are campaigners using the criminal justice system to pursue their political agendas?

4 March 2013 13:12

Late last year a Judge in Oxford Magistrates’ court questioned the RSPCA for running up a legal bill of a third of a million pounds on a low-level case when… Continue reading


As the most persistent private prosecutor, the RSPCA has questions to answer

29 January 2013 9:28

Parliament debating how laws are prosecuted is not a rare event, unless that is, MPs are pondering the role of the country’s most persistent private prosecutor. Alongside its role as… Continue reading