Ross Clark

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Why can’t we have an amicable divorce with the EU?

26 June 2016 9:53

Just when you were beginning to wonder whether we have done the right thing, along comes Jean-Claude Juncker to remind…

The Prime Minister And Chancellor Join Forces For The Remain Campaign

What if we vote Remain… then still have a recession?

21 June 2016 10:18

A vote to leave the EU would cause economic Armageddon. We know because David Cameron and George Osborne have told…


Do we really want Portugal’s drug laws?

18 June 2016 8:00

‘The war on drugs has failed,’ asserted Shirley Cramer, chief executive of the Royal Society for Public health in the…

Three beautiful young girls

Google isn’t racist – but it is filthy

11 June 2016 9:00

Is Google racist?  That is the charge made in a short video in which someone types ‘three white teenagers’ and…


The NHS shouldn’t fund a drug that prevents HIV

9 June 2016 8:22

What would you say if a powerful cyclists’ pressure group ganged up on the NHS and lobbied it to provide…

Human Organ Transplantation

There’s a grim reason why Belgium has plenty of organ donors

6 June 2016 17:26

A discussion between two medical ethicists on the Today programme this morning ended with them agreeing on one point: whether…


Why the BMA are no better than Arthur Scargill’s rabble

26 May 2016 15:09

That’s the trouble with conducting a strike via social media — press the wrong button and what was supposed to…

Ofsted Chief Inspector visits school

Sir Michael Wilshaw, where are these illegal schools run by the ‘Jewish community’?

18 May 2016 13:21

Apparently, there are secret Jewish schools in Britain where children are taught nothing but the Jewish faith, where they are…


Let’s stop bringing Hitler into the EU debate

17 May 2016 8:48

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get through just a week of political debate on the EU, or indeed…

The Government Publishes Its White Paper On The Future Of The BBC

Why does the government want a gay quota for BBC management?

15 May 2016 9:00

Of all the things wrong with the BBC, it would be hard to argue that a shortage of gay people…

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England couldn’t cope with a nuclear accident at Hinkley Point

11 May 2016 14:37

An EDF board meeting today could spell the end of the wretched Hinkley Point C nuclear power station and its…


The housing crisis was Sadiq Khan’s secret weapon

7 May 2016 8:57

As Isabel Hardman wrote yesterday, many interpret Labour’s failure to fail on a bigger scale in yesterday’s election results as the…

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Why won’t Labour go for Zac Goldsmith’s non-dom jugular?

3 May 2016 9:51

Trailing in the polls with three days to go until the London mayoral elections, Zac Goldsmith continues to attack his…

BHS To Go Into Administration

Gordon Brown is to blame for making bankruptcy respectable

30 April 2016 9:00

Frumpy, out of date and not much fun – Gordon Brown and BHS go together in more ways than one.  …

The TUC’s claim that childless men get a raw deal is nonsense

26 April 2016 11:40

There is, of course, no crime more dreadful in modern society than discrimination. And how dreadful that new forms of…


Why is the Foreign Office getting involved in America’s gay rights debate?

22 April 2016 8:41

If there was one piece of advice the Foreign Office was going to give to British citizens travelling to the…


No, the NHS isn’t killing off A&E doctors at a young age

7 April 2016 11:24

The junior doctors’ dispute has been characterised by a series of extraordinary claims by the BMA. At one time the…


The state bailed out our banks. Should it also save our steel industry?

5 April 2016 10:54

‘We cannot have a situation where the banks are able to privatise their profits and nationalise their losses,’ declared Vince…

Day 2 - Paralympic Torch Relay

In defence of Boris Johnson

27 March 2016 10:10

It is good that Matthew Parris has taken on Boris. The Mayor has had too easy a press in many…


What the RSS Boaty McBoatface saga really tells us about British democracy

22 March 2016 10:36

Our leaders, of course, love democracy – until it comes up with an answer different to the one they were…

opening hours

The Left are making a pact with God over Sunday trading laws

9 March 2016 17:44

Later today, barring last minute developments, Labour and SNP MPs will temporarily unite with the Conservatives’ religious right to defeat…

Thomas Piquemal (Photo: Getty)

Even the French are starting to realise that Hinkley Point is a nuclear turkey

7 March 2016 11:41

The finance director of EDF, the French energy giant, has quit over its plans to build George Osborne’s new pet…

A woman with an umbrella depicting the l

Big business backing the ‘In’ campaign shows us what’s wrong with the EU

24 February 2016 21:25

So, FTSE 100 company bosses have come out in favour of staying in the EU – even if, as Ed…


The whale has become Britain’s sacred cow

11 February 2016 12:22

Imagine if a bunch of Bollywood celebrities turned up in Britain to protest outside steak houses, lie down in front…

Oxbridge colleges are drowning in celebrity appointments like Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch

6 February 2016 9:32

An Oxford College has done something really offensive, and it doesn’t involve a statue of a white supremacist. Lady Margaret…