Ross Clark

The TUC’s claim that childless men get a raw deal is nonsense

26 April 2016 11:40

There is, of course, no crime more dreadful in modern society than discrimination. And how dreadful that new forms of…


Why is the Foreign Office getting involved in America’s gay rights debate?

22 April 2016 8:41

If there was one piece of advice the Foreign Office was going to give to British citizens travelling to the…


No, the NHS isn’t killing off A&E doctors at a young age

7 April 2016 11:24

The junior doctors’ dispute has been characterised by a series of extraordinary claims by the BMA. At one time the…


The state bailed out our banks. Should it also save our steel industry?

5 April 2016 10:54

‘We cannot have a situation where the banks are able to privatise their profits and nationalise their losses,’ declared Vince…

Day 2 - Paralympic Torch Relay

In defence of Boris Johnson

27 March 2016 10:10

It is good that Matthew Parris has taken on Boris. The Mayor has had too easy a press in many…


What the RSS Boaty McBoatface saga really tells us about British democracy

22 March 2016 10:36

Our leaders, of course, love democracy – until it comes up with an answer different to the one they were…

opening hours

The Left are making a pact with God over Sunday trading laws

9 March 2016 17:44

Later today, barring last minute developments, Labour and SNP MPs will temporarily unite with the Conservatives’ religious right to defeat…

Thomas Piquemal (Photo: Getty)

Even the French are starting to realise that Hinkley Point is a nuclear turkey

7 March 2016 11:41

The finance director of EDF, the French energy giant, has quit over its plans to build George Osborne’s new pet…

A woman with an umbrella depicting the l

Big business backing the ‘In’ campaign shows us what’s wrong with the EU

24 February 2016 21:25

So, FTSE 100 company bosses have come out in favour of staying in the EU – even if, as Ed…


The whale has become Britain’s sacred cow

11 February 2016 12:22

Imagine if a bunch of Bollywood celebrities turned up in Britain to protest outside steak houses, lie down in front…

Oxbridge colleges are drowning in celebrity appointments like Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch

6 February 2016 9:32

An Oxford College has done something really offensive, and it doesn’t involve a statue of a white supremacist. Lady Margaret…

(Photo: Getty)

Does John McDonnell have any savings for a rainy day?

1 February 2016 16:26

It is very sporting of John McDonnell to release his tax return for us all to inspect. It is reassuring…

Any further delay to Hinkley would be catastrophic for UK energy security (Picture: PA)

Why would anyone invest in energy when the policies are so fickle?

28 January 2016 18:08

In 2007 Vincent de Rivaz, chief executive of EDF’s UK arm, made the now-infamous promise that by Christmas 2017 we…

Rahumullah Ahmedi and next door neighbour Ajmal Kadari, both from Afghanistan, outside their front doors in Costa Street, Middlesbrough (Photo: PA)

A select committee revelation: the doors were painted red 20 years ago

26 January 2016 19:44

The whole purpose of parliamentary select committees was supposed to be to help inform policy-making. Instead, they have sunk to…

Photo: PA Images

There’s a reason why Middlesbrough asylum-seekers’ doors are red, and it’s not ‘apartheid’

21 January 2016 12:04

Was there ever a less convincing scandal than the revelation that a landlord who rents houses to G4S for housing asylum-seekers…


Forget ‘peak home furnishings’. We may have reached ‘peak Ikea’

19 January 2016 14:16

Retail empires, like the political and military kind, are tragedies. They grow from modest beginnings, pushing all others aside until…


The Hatton Garden mob are greedy and immoral. Stop treating them as folk heroes

15 January 2016 13:33

The Today programme often has one choking on one’s porridge, but this morning’s edition had an item even more infuriating than…

Photo: Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty

The author of the RBS ‘sell everything’ note has been predicting disaster for the last five years

13 January 2016 17:52

Should we sell everything because Andrew Roberts (not the historian but an analyst at RBS) tells us to in the…

Philip Dilley (Photo: PA)

Wanted: someone with a grounding in PR, dam-building and Caribbean geography

11 January 2016 18:14

The tragedy of Sir Philip Dilley’s short reign as chairman of the Environment Agency, which ended when he resigned today,…

David Cameron meets Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, during his EU renegotiations (Photo: Getty)

Hungary’s Prime Minister shares similar views to Donald Trump. Should he be banned too?

10 January 2016 12:06

If you are going to try to put people beyond the pale on the grounds of what they have said…


Health killjoys are now using alcohol guidelines to promote gender equality

8 January 2016 14:57

To adapt Pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous dictum on the failure of the Germans to tackle Hitler, ‘First they came for…

(Photo: Getty)

It’s time to abolish the FTSE 100

4 January 2016 13:51

Jeremy Corbyn wants to get rid of the British Empire Medal and David Cameron wants to ditch the Human Rights…

(Photo: Getty)

The latest child abuse statistics simply don’t stack up

26 November 2015 11:32

Have 425,000 children really been abused during the past two years? That is the extraordinary claim suggested in a report put out…


Eight years’ jail for a girl with a strap-on. What’s Britain coming to?

13 November 2015 14:46

In a TV stunt, a Brazilian actress recently lay on a beach asking male passers-by to rub suncream into her…

Storm Kate, which could soon become Storm Barney

There’s a transgender storm coming…

13 November 2015 10:41

The weather chart does not usually echo social trends, but Monday might be an exception. We could be about to…