Ross Clark


Hard Brexit it is – and the currency markets don’t seem to mind

17 January 2017 16:07

A hard Brexit, currency markets seemed to indicate yesterday, would mean an even weaker pound. How, then, to explain this…

What the Swansea Bay lagoon could look like (image credit: Juice Architects)

Ignore the green lobby – tidal lagoons are the future

13 January 2017 13:24

If there ever was a form of green energy which showed promise it is surely tidal power. Compared with wind…


If Amber Rudd doesn’t like being investigated for a ‘hate incident’, she should change the law

12 January 2017 13:35

At last October’s Conservative party conference, Amber Rudd revealed a rather silly proposal that companies operating in the UK should be…

Banality not Brexit is to blame for Jamie’s Italian restaurants shutting

6 January 2017 16:11

So, yet another business in trouble thanks to this foul recession caused by Brexit. Or that’s what chief executive of…

A post-Brexit slump? Here’s the good news about Britain’s economy you didn’t hear

4 January 2017 16:05

The rearguard Remain campaign is now living in a parallel universe. In the past 24 hours we have heard endless…

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Garden villages are a good idea. Let’s get the bulldozers rolling

2 January 2017 12:25

There are few terms in the English language as irritating as ‘eco-village’ – which is really just ‘housing estate’ dressed…

Honours have become a debased currency

31 December 2016 13:00

Lynn Faulds Wood, former presenter of BBC’s Watchdog, says she turned down an MBE because she ‘just wouldn’t accept it…

Thousands of people take to the streets in a series of 'March for Europe' rallies in protest against the Brexit vote (Photo: Getty)

The IPPR is simply trying to create anti-Brexit noise, and it has succeeded

29 December 2016 13:59

How much more desperate can the Remain lobby’s propaganda become?    Having had its predictions of instant economic doom comprehensively disproved…


Why is Labour so worried about a crackdown on voter fraud?

28 December 2016 9:21

Just what is it about the proposal to require voters to show ID that so frightens the Labour party? Funny,…

It’s nonsense to claim that Isis benefits from Brexit. But that won’t stop some people trying

20 December 2016 15:08

While a storm has blown up between Nigel Farage and Brendan Cox this morning over the role played by Angela…

There’s a simple solution to the Southern Railway debacle

14 December 2016 15:45

Transport secretary Chris Grayling says he is powerless to intervene in the dispute between Govia Thameslink, which operates the Southern…

Why it’s not true that Brexit is already starting to bite

13 December 2016 12:03

So, the Remoaners have at last got a piece of economic news they can try to crow about – the…

George Osborne’s stamp duty hike is starting to bite the Treasury

8 December 2016 13:06

The existence of the Laffer Curve can be proved by thought-experiment alone. If a government levies an income tax rate…


A view of St Paul’s is the least of London’s housing problems

5 December 2016 16:14

Richmond Park has been in the news a bit lately. It is portrayed as a bastion of wealth and privilege,…

Sarah Olney (Photo: Getty)

Is support for Brexit growing in Richmond Park?

2 December 2016 14:05

‘The people of Richmond Park and North Kingston have sent a shockwave through this Conservative Brexit government,’ said Sarah Olney,…

Julian Barnes (Photo: Getty)

The Booker prize has triggered a bout of literary protectionism

1 December 2016 11:59

Whatever happened to all those great liberal internationalists who damned the vote for Brexit as a case of isolationist Britain…

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Global temperatures have fallen – so why isn’t it being reported?

29 November 2016 9:00

Remember how rises in global temperatures were reported earlier in the year? Here is a taste from the Guardian in…


Like Donald Trump, Francois Fillon is a Russian realist

26 November 2016 8:00

One of the bonuses of a Trump presidency – of which there will be many negatives – is the prospect…

The Uk Minimum Wage Of £5.05

The IFS forecast should be taken with a pinch of salt

24 November 2016 20:30

Under Robert Chote, the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) was meticulous about positioning itself as politically neutral. Since he left…


The government’s latest growth forecast isn’t worth the paper it’s written on

23 November 2016 15:15

Facebook and Barack Obama have said they both want to tackle ‘fake news’ on the internet. The battle should start…

Will Philip Hammond be arrested after the Autumn Statement?

22 November 2016 7:53

So, austerity is to end. Or that is what the briefings for Wednesday’s Autumn Statement seem to indicate: Philip Hammond…

Cryonics isn’t the route to immortality – but there might be another way

18 November 2016 13:17

However tempting it would be to think otherwise, I don’t think we will be seeing ‘JS’ on Earth again. She…

Michael Gove was accused of 'post-truth' politics after saying Brits had had enough of experts

Oxford Dictionaries is playing politics by picking ‘post-truth’ as its ‘word of the year’

16 November 2016 12:52

The BBC was recently exposed for buying more copies of the Guardian than of any other paper. I imagine they…

Falling inflation marks another nail in the coffin for Project Fear

15 November 2016 15:16

So, another post-Brexit horror story fails to materialise. When the stock market failed to crash and the economy failed to…

Why doesn’t the Guardian’s fevered hate crime coverage mention Christian victims?

11 November 2016 9:20

One searches in vain on the Guardian website for the name Nissar Hussain. This is odd because the newspaper seems…