Ross Clark

Don’t listen to the doom-mongers: A rise in inflation isn’t some kind of crisis

18 October 2016 12:10

It takes quite a determined Cassandra to see the rise in Consumer Prices Index (CPI) from 0.6 per cent in…

Boris’s Royal Yacht obsession shows his weakness for vanity projects

14 October 2016 13:24

I would like to think that the lack of obvious progress on negotiating a post-Brexit deal with the EU is,…

Tesco finally meets its match

13 October 2016 12:15

Only in the bizarre, upside-down, post-Brexit referendum world could Tesco try to portray itself as a victim of bullying by…

Close up of train speeding through English countryside on bright

It’s business as usual in the post-Brexit world

7 October 2016 16:46

Remember how Brexit was going to cost jobs and investment? At times, even Leave campaigners struggled to find the confidence…

The Brexit bounce continues

4 October 2016 14:02

Just when you thought economists might finally have got the message about their doom-laden predictions for the economy following the…

Viktor Orban (Photo: Getty)

This is what a xenophobic referendum actually looks like

3 October 2016 12:13

A country votes against the EU in a referendum in which rabidly anti-immigrant sentiments are aired by senior politicians. That…


Why sacking the football manager is a fool’s game

28 September 2016 13:25

At last, an English football manager who actually deserves to be sacked (or ‘left by mutual agreement’ if you prefer…


Theresa May has made the wrong call on Hinkley Point

15 September 2016 11:42

Today’s decision to give the go-ahead for Hinkley C after a six-week review seems to confirm what was indicated in…

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Why shouldn’t the South Koreans eat dog?

13 September 2016 15:20

We are, of course, a nation committed to celebrating cultural diversity.    Except, that is, when a foreigner sits down to…


Where should the line be drawn over the famous Kim Phuc photograph?

10 September 2016 10:47

Can you imagine, in the wake of a terror attack in London, a tabloid, or any other kind of media…

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G20 leaders have fallen for Project Fear

5 September 2016 11:38

So, last week’s sharp rise in the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for manufacturing wasn’t a freak. This morning its twin,…

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Do we trust China with our nuclear power? Not if it's spying on us

4 September 2016 15:36

In her decision as to whether to go ahead with the Chinese-backed Hinkley C nuclear power station – postponed from…

Why Brexit is the new Black Wednesday

1 September 2016 13:29

Day by day, the vote for Brexit on 23 June is coming more and more to resemble Black Wednesday, the…

Who’s at the ‘back of the queue’ now, Obama?

30 August 2016 15:44

Wasn’t it one of the ‘Remain’ campaign’s big arguments that leaving the EU would deprive us of the ‘clout’ we…

Plans Proposed For Homeless Families To Be Moved Out Of London Due To Housing Crisis and Change In Benefits

The ‘pay to stay’ council house policy ignores the reality of the housing market

29 August 2016 11:41

Instinctively I feel I ought not to feel sympathy for the 70,000 council house tenants earning more than £40,000 a…


How the HIV-prevention drug could break the NHS

10 August 2016 11:42

If NHS England ever comes to be dismantled it won’t be because a heartless Tory government has decided that, for reasons of…


Labour’s £25 voting fee is essentially a poll tax

9 August 2016 9:51

Imagine the reaction of Her Majesty’s Opposition if the government announced that it was to introduce a new ‘voter charge’…

Jeremy Corbyn Speaks On Labour's Anti-Semitism Inquiry Findings

Corbyn’s gong for Chakrabarti is his biggest own goal yet

5 August 2016 8:23

It is beginning to look like a bit of a trend this year: the Conservatives get themselves into a tight…

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Can Labour be trusted with Britain’s security when it can’t manage its own?

4 August 2016 11:28

During the Blair years the security guards at Labour party conferences had a reputation for over-zealous intervention – remember the…

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Cronyism isn’t great, but it’s better than corruption

1 August 2016 11:44

If there was any remaining doubt that David Cameron’s resignation honours list was drawn up shamelessly to reward political flunkies…

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There’s nothing ‘anti-establishment’ about this US election

30 July 2016 9:57

This year’s US presidential election campaign has broken the mould, apparently. Never before have two ‘anti-establishment’ candidates in the shape…

EDF's Hinkley Point B Nuclear Power Station As Company Agrees Deal With China General Nuclear Power Corp To Build Nuclear Plant

Osborne’s Hinkley vanity project deserves to be buried alongside his political career

29 July 2016 9:50

Yesterday was supposed to be the day the nuclear button was finally pressed – a vote by the board of…

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Pre-Brexit jitters? No, Britain boomed during the Referendum campaign

27 July 2016 12:43

It is still a little too early to say for sure that George Osborne’s gloom-laden economic forecasts for post-Brexit Britain…

Last year, the MRC spent £506 million on research grants. Pfizer spent £4.8 billion. (Photo: Getty)

The NHS would be crippled without big pharma

21 July 2016 15:37

Like Owen Smith, I have an interest to declare when discussing Pfizer.   Somewhere on my bookshelf I have a Pfizer…


Was Michael Gove punished for being too soft on crime?

14 July 2016 17:40

Of today’s corpses piled up in Downing Street, none has caused more shock than that of Michael Gove. That Nicky…