Rod Liddle

Rod Liddle is associate editor of The Spectator. He writes a weekly column in the magazine, as well as contributing to The Sunday Times and The Sun.

Hugh Bonneville and his wife Lulu Williams (Photo: Getty)

My summer party is always very exclusive – and this year is no exception

11 May 2016 9:57

The swallows have long returned and the summer party season is almost upon us – so I must get organising. Without wishing…

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Little Englanders, it’s time to give Sadiq Khan a break

10 May 2016 10:27

Hell, I wait so long to be right about something and then two bits of stuff come along at once.…


I know who I’m supporting in the Corbyn-Hodge leadership contest

3 May 2016 19:27

Christ help us – Corbyn or Hodge! I think, given the choice, I’m pretty firmly with Jezza. One deranged bien-pensant…

Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone

Labour’s halfwits have revealed their anti-Semitic side

28 April 2016 11:51

My guess is that the people who voted for Naz Shah at the last election think she did not go…

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Has the BBC reduced its coverage of the migrant crisis?

27 April 2016 10:22

Do you remember the migrants? All those people coming here across land and sea, from North Africa and Arabia and…

Izzy Christiansen

Why pretend that female footballers are as good as male ones?

26 April 2016 10:35

Yay – Izzy Christiansen! Yay – Beth Mead! I daresay you were as thrilled as I was to see that…

Beachy Head, the South Downs' most famous spot

The South Downs way is beyond miserable

19 April 2016 8:30

I see that a small furore has been occasioned by the South Downs National Park. It has urged walkers to…

An image from the comic

Martyrdom: a new comic strip for Turkish kids

4 April 2016 15:58

Thrilling news arrives from Turkey, where it is being reported that a government body has issued comic books to the…

CCTV footage released by Belgium Police of the suspects from today's bomb attacks in the Belgian capital

Like London, Brussels has allowed itself to become a hotbed of Islamic extremism

22 March 2016 16:13

It was only a matter of time before Brussels got the suicide-bomb allahu akbar treatment, as the Belgians knew full well.…

Frauke Petry, leader of Alternative für Deutschland (Photo: Getty)

Even the Germans are starting to despair of their country’s migrant policy

14 March 2016 16:59

A rather impressive performance by Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in Germany’s regional elections. Second in Saxony-Anhalt and double digit percentages in Baden-Württemberg and…


Perhaps public schools do have their benefits, after all?

7 March 2016 14:46

Guardian journalist in self-awareness shock. A very good piece by Hadley Freeman about the utter ubiquity of public school-educated monkeys…

General Views of BBC Broadcasting House

The BBC has forgotten that journalism is a trade

2 March 2016 22:31

This is written from a small and dank room in the state of Arslikhan, as Private Eye calls it. My…

The BBC isn’t much help for navigating through the Tory EU wars

23 February 2016 13:46

Trying to navigate your way through the internecine wars in the Conservative Party over the referendum? Please allow the BBC’s…

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A selfish politician like Boris is better than one who believes they are guided by destiny

22 February 2016 19:31

Poor Boris. Subjected to both the BBC PM programme’s satire and an evisceration by Nick Cohen right here. I just…

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Did we really have to hear all about Crispin Blunt’s sex life?

25 January 2016 15:36

A year or so back my friend and colleague Hugo Rifkind wrote a very good piece in which he argued…

An Egyptian chess player during the 38th Chess Olympiad

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti declares chess to be a source of evil. How about jihadis?

24 January 2016 20:10

My favourite Islamic scholar, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, has come out with yet another corker. He is the…

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Farewell Shami Chakrabarti, leading figure of the New Establishment

14 January 2016 12:02

So farewell, Shami Chakrabarti. The woman is stepping down as boss of Liberty, for whom – whatever your political views…

Cologne station (Photo: Getty)

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but something fishy is going on in Europe

12 January 2016 10:39

Having taken the piss out of Guardian columnists for their laughably painful paroxysms over the appalling attacks upon women at…


Nine days on, why is the left still in denial about the Cologne attacks?

9 January 2016 10:14

Still in denial, then. The liberal left, having first tried to ignore the massed sex attacks in Cologne (and in…

Simon Danczuk (Photo: Getty)

The Corbynistas are becoming more Machiavellian by the day

3 January 2016 17:22

Who held the power in the supposedly inappropriate relationship between Labour MP Simon Danczuk and gorgeous, pouting etc seventeen-year-old Sophena…

Lutz Bachmann (Photo: Jens Schlueter/AFP/Getty)

A German politician points out the obvious about refugees and the terror threat

2 January 2016 18:41

Happy New Year. Sorry about my absence. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and then, when I returned,…

<> on November 19, 2015 in Newton, Iowa.

Donald Trump represents the views of millions of Americans. Does the BBC not realise this?

8 December 2015 10:30

If you saw the BBC Ten O’Clock News last night you will have witnessed Nick Bryant’s dispassionate, even-handed treatment of…

Can British bombs save the Syrians from Islamic State fascists? (Photo: Getty)

Can ‘democratic’ bombs defeat ‘fascism’ in Syria? I have my doubts…

4 December 2015 10:11

Au contraire. Au contraire. I thought Hilary Benn’s speech was well delivered, but workmanlike in construction and told us nothing…


Anybody who uses the phrase ‘Daesh’ is terminally deluded

2 December 2015 17:57

This is a relentlessly busy world, with so many people expressing so many different points of view. We become overwhelmed…


I’ve changed my mind about where we should bomb…

30 November 2015 18:37

Just back after a few weeks away in the north east – thought I’d share this with you. I wrote…