Richard Marsh

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt’s promising path as Health Secretary

9 February 2013 12:41

When Jeremy Hunt became Health Secretary last September, the Google Alert I set up against his name would spew forth…

Jeremy Hunt has introduced a new NHS Mandate. Former health SpAd Richard Marsh explains why the idea is not new. Image: Getty.

Jeremy Hunt’s NHS Mandate will make the service even more cumbersome

14 November 2012 10:53

Earlier this week my wife called to make a GP appointment for our daughter, who has been experiencing some worrying…

Hinchingbrooke Hospital stock

Circle’s tough mission for Hinchingbrooke Hospital

9 November 2012 12:42

Her Majesty’s Comptroller and Auditor General seems to have been nicking ideas from Private Eye. National Audit Office reports these…

John Dalli resigned as EU commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy. Picture: Getty

The EU commissioner who resigned on the grounds he was innocent

21 October 2012 19:07

I don’t suppose too many Coffee House readers will have noticed, but the EU is currently without a dedicated health commissioner. This…


More evidence of the need for NHS reform

23 May 2012 16:45

If you want to know why the great Labour-NHS argument about healthcare is wrong, read today’s National Audit Office report…


Lansley has won, in a way

27 March 2012 16:55

At two thirty this afternoon, the Deputy Speaker announced to the House of Commons that the Queen had granted Royal…


So much for taking the politics out of the NHS

28 February 2012 10:49

So here we are again. At least Lord Justice Leveson had the humanity to give us a couple of weeks…


No-one emerges from the health reform smash-up with any credit

7 February 2012 11:42

Andrew Lansley should be grateful for small mercies. Rachel Sylvester’s column (£) today may quote a Downing Street source to…

Labour start attacking the NHS reforms – but did they need to?

9 November 2011 17:31

So, the Labour Party has finally woken up to the idea that there might be some mileage in opposing the…